Why the Valkyrie Elysium announcement is so important

During the latest State of Play, Sony released a trailer for the upcoming title Valkyrie Elysee. As more than a decade has passed since the series’ last installment on console and three years since its last mobile release, Square Enix has promised fans that Valkyrie Elysee would work as a standalone experiment. Unlike previous games in the franchise, however, Valkyrie Elysee will depart from its turn-based tactical roots in favor of real-time combat.


For fans of the Valkyrie Profile franchise, this announcement was good news, but the majority of Square Enix fans were anticipating major news related to one or the other dragon quest Where Final Fantasy. Still, whether fans are personally excited about Valkyrie Elyseethe revival of the series may have major implications for other overlooked Square Enix titles.

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Valkyrie Elysium shows Square Enix’s commitment to overlooked franchises

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The revelation of Valkyrie Elysee struck many as an odd choice. Not to mention the mobile game Valkyrie Anatomia: The Originthe Valkyrie Profile the series has not been revisited since Valkyrie Profile: Panache Pact in 2009. For a company that tends to bet heavily on its core franchises, the effort to revisit a relatively underrated series was an unexpected move. On the contrary, it proves that Square Enix is ​​willing to deviate from its tried and true performers and explore options that fans have long given up on.

the Valkyrie Elysee reveal could be a herald of things to come for other Square Enix franchises. A quick look through Square Enix’s catalog reveals a plethora of worthy contenders in need of some serious overhaul: grandia, Lufiaor maybe even a return to the fantasy world of Drakengard apart from Deny securities. While Square Enix has remained committed to most of its series through remasters or remakes, it’s rare for an old franchise to receive an all-new title. At the very least, fans of Square Enix’s most forgotten titles now have a glimmer of hope given the Valkyrie Profile the series returned in a major way.

Square Enix could inspire other companies to look beyond sales

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While the first Valkyrie Profile game was a hit, with each subsequent iteration only managing to garner around half the sales of its respective predecessor. That doesn’t mean that Valkyrie Profile The franchise wasn’t very well received, but franchise sales were undeniably down. That’s not the case with Square Enix’s biggest franchises like Final Fantasyin which recent versions such as Final Fantasy 15 managed to compete with the gold standard of series sales, Final Fantasy 7. So it’s fair to say that Square Enix’s decision to revitalize the Valkyrie Profile the series was not entirely profit-driven.

If other companies take notice, fans could potentially see a number of forgotten franchises brought back to life. For example, maybe it’s time for Electronic Arts to look at Ultimate franchise. Just looking at the Ultimate The latest sales of the series would more or less cancel it as a potential project for many companies, it’s probably no riskier than revisiting a franchise like Valkyrie Profile.

The success of Valkyrie Profile being historically driven by its sales in Japan, Valkyrie Elysee is basically Square Enix betting that the North American and Japanese game markets work the same way. Yes Valkyrie Elysee succeeds, the argument could be extended to include broader localization efforts. It would be impossible to argue against the localization of a hugely requested game like Mother 3for example, if a more obscure franchise like Valkyrie Profile were to come back and become a big hit.

Valkyrie Elysee is slated for release in 2022 on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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