Why Bam Margera is in Jackass forever despite being fired

Jackass Forever will soon continue the popular franchise, with Bam Margera still making an appearance, despite being fired from production.

Here’s why Bam Margera always makes an appearance in Fooled forever, although he was publicly fired from the sequel. Debuting on MTV in 2000, Donkey took pop culture by storm, arriving just in time for the rise of the internet and a sea change in entertainment that placed more emphasis on unscripted programming. In his heart, Donkey was just a bunch of guys doing dangerous and/or hilarious stunts, with crude material as well. It was never high art, but at its best, Donkey provided the kind of low-key, simple laughs that almost anyone can enjoy from time to time.

Overtime, Donkey centered around a quartet of main stars, namely frontman Johnny Knoxville, skateboarder and general adrenaline junkie Bam Margera, and the wild and uninhibited duo of Steve-O and Chris Pontius. Donkey only lasted three seasons over two years, but its impact on entertainment was felt, also leading to a movie trilogy, with even more surreal stunts than on TV. The four men also turned the show into long-term careers, with Knoxville turning to acting, with Margera getting her own show called Viva La Bam, and Steve-O teaming up with Pontius to wild boys. Both spinoffs actually lasted longer than Donkey himself.


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It has now been more than a decade since 3-D donkey out in theaters, and soon, Fooled forever will try to see if the franchise still has life. Knoxville, Margera, Steve-O and Pontius are also back, although they are now between 42 and 50 years old. This is despite the dismissal of Bam Margera Fooled forever in February 2021, after relapsing into alcoholism and being viewed as a disability by Paramount. He’s since publicly feuded with Knoxville and director/producer Jeff Tremaine, and even filed a lawsuit against Paramount, but he’ll always be in Fooled forever, because the scenes he filmed before he was fired are still going to be used.

Bam Marguera

Fooled forever had already filmed for several months before news broke that Bam Margera had been fired from production, so it’s unclear exactly how much material he shot and how much will be in the final film. Knoxville has confirmed that Margera will appear in Fooled forever however – alongside plenty of other celebrity cameos and guest stars – and he sure would be able to find out. Although it may seem strange that Paramount allows Fooled forever to introduce Margera after being fired in such a controversial and public way, keeping him involved somehow makes sense.

Margera is by no means a hated figure in general and remains popular among most Donkey fan base. He’s just struggling with substance abuse issues, like so many millions of other people do on a daily basis, and all the public wants to see is Margera regaining her health and getting back on the path to recovery. Although his dismissal is understandable, Bam Margera will always be an emblematic member of the Donkey the crew and their contributions to Fooled forever – one of 2022’s most anticipated comedies – doesn’t deserve to be ignored simply because of its personal demons.

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  • Jackass Forever (2022)Release date: February 04, 2022

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