“When I woke up this morning I really wasn’t expecting this result” – Brilliant Red Bull pit stop helps Max Verstappen reach the podium in Sochi and limit the damage of the championship to 7 points


“When I woke up this morning I really wasn’t expecting this result” – Red Bull decided to change Max Verstappen to inters just in time for the rain, helping him get on the podium in Sochi after being left from the bottom of the grid.

Max Verstappen was fined three places on the Monza grid, then decided to use a new engine, ensuring that Red Bull started the Russian GP in Sochi from the bottom of the grid.

As expected, he quickly passed a few cars and reached the Top 10 towards the last stage of the race. And then the rain came, and Lando Norris missed his pit stop call, something Red Bull took full advantage of, putting Verstappen on the inters just in time for it.

Wrestling in 7th place behind Fernando Alonso’s Alpine, the Dutchman rose to the podium in no time, finishing the race just behind his rival and championship winner Lewis Hamilton. Safe to say, Verstappen was delighted with the way his race went.

“A lot is happening in the first lap and even in the first stint with other cars fighting as well.

“You just have to stay out of trouble and keep it clean and I think we handled it all really well and the crucial intersection call worked.

“It was pretty tough on the pitching lap to call to go to intermediates, but at one point it was really, really slippery. I think we decided to return to the pits at the right time because if we had done a lap earlier you would probably have destroyed the inters in the last sector.

“But of course going from the last to the second is very, very good and the race itself was not very easy because it was very difficult to overtake again and once stuck it was very easy to overtake. ‘damage your tires. Fortunately, the rain helped us make this last jump.

Lewis Hamilton leads Max Verstappen by 2 points

Verstappen was 5 points ahead of Sochi, but Hamilton is now leading by just 2 points. Considering the double penalties, it was brilliant from Red Bull, and Verstappen had no expectations.

“With the penalty we had and only losing one sport basically, it’s certainly not too bad. When I woke up this morning, I really wasn’t expecting this result.

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