Watch: Ja Rule and Ashanti Reunite for Dick Clark’s New Years Eve

To celebrate the New Year, music fans of a certain age were treated to a few familiar faces on Friday night (December 31).

Reunion for Dick Clark’s New Years Eve, R&B star Ashanti and rapper Ja Rule performed in Times Square in New York City, giving fans renditions of their past hits, “Mesmerize” and “Always On Time”.

“Right now,” said host Ryan Seacrest, “we have two amazing artists who have taken the hip-hop and R&B worlds by storm with their solo hits and incredible collaborations.

“This one debuted 19 years ago this month and immediately hit the Billboard Hot 100 performing ‘Mesmerize’ and ‘Always On Time’ in Times Square. Give it up for Ja Rule and Ashanti! “

Dressed in fabulous large coats and hats perfect for the chilly temperatures, the two took to the stage and brought the magic to life.

The Times Square Twitter account shouted at the two on social media, writing, “Love it when you’re with us, baby!” @JaRule and @Ashanti are live on stage in Times Square # New year’s eve. “

Famous, the two collaborated in the early 2000s on several tracks. “Mesmerize” was released on December 16, 2002, on Ja Rule’s album, The last temptation. It peaked at No.2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 2003.

“Always On Time” was released the year before in 2001 on Ja Rule’s album, Pain is love. In February 2002, the track reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there for two weeks.

Since then, the R&B star and the rapper have been linked. The two also released the song “Wonderful” in 2004 — officially on Ja Rule’s fourth album, TO REIGN And this track also features the now disgraced singer R. Kelly.

Ahead of the performance, Ja Rule showcased their New Years Eve collaboration, posting an elegant photo of the couple on social media and writing on Twitter: “A great way to cap off a great New Year !!! Surprise me and Sis tonight closing Times Square… Happy New Year everyone… ”

Photo: ABC / Lorenzo Bevilaqua

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