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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – After all of the activities we’ve had this weekend to start the New Year, isn’t it time to slow down and get some rest? Well, that’s exactly what the weather does. Over the next few days, there will be no humidity in the atmosphere and temperatures will return to above average with the 40s and 50s returning to the forecast. Much like typical Wyoming fashion, this won’t last long. Another cold front is expected to cross the state, bringing with it another round of snow by the middle of the week. Models still disagree on estimates of total accumulation, so I’ll let you know as the time gets closer.

A few clouds will remain around the I80 corridor tomorrow while strong winds will move them a little away from the central areas.(Jordan Frazier)

The gusts of wind seem to be the only significant weather we have to go through over the next few days. While the southern regions end up with mostly to partly cloudy skies, the central regions may see very little cloud cover thanks to the strong gusts. Tomorrow, the gusts are expected to be over 40 MPH in some areas, which will cause those trash cans to end up in your neighbors’ backyards. It is certainly possible for the winds to pick up some of the snow causing a number of travel delays due to poor visibility and even a few blizzards on the ground.

Strong gusts will prevail in the central areas tomorrow with gusts exceeding ...
Strong gusts will prevail in central areas tomorrow with gusts exceeding 40 MPH and possibly causing traffic delays.(Jordan Frazier)

During the night of tonight these clouds will move towards southern areas as temperatures reach above average. The minimums should be in the 1920s for the east and single digits for the west. Tomorrow, windy for central areas like Casper but warmer all around with a count of 40 in the forecast and even some 50 in the Nebraska Panhandle. We will keep you posted on the winter storm that is expected on Wednesday.

Temperatures tomorrow and Tuesday will warm to above average conditions just in time ...
Temperatures tomorrow and Tuesday will warm to above average conditions just in time before the next cold front arrives on Wednesday.(Jordan Frazier)

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