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Volkswagen opens ID. First Movers Club to the entire ID. community

Happy birthday, ID. First movers club! Volkswagen has prepared a surprise for all IDs. clients to mark the first anniversary of his Facebook group: the ID. The First Movers Club opened its doors just in time for IAA MOBILITY in Munich. The group was previously reserved for early adopters of the ID.3 1er02 but will now be known as ID. Drivers Club and all European identity cards. customers will be able to register. What started in September 2020 as a digital meeting place for enthusiastic e-mobility pioneers has grown into an active ID. community that is able to benefit from new impetus and additional experience.

The aim of opening the Facebook group is for Volkswagen to instantly increase the opportunities offered for identification. customers to receive basic information, seek help from experts, and chat with other IDs. customers from all over Europe. “Our First Movers Club is a fantastic platform for people to discuss the fun of driving electric vehicles, share their stories, tips and tricks, and learn from each other. A real community. And we are expanding it, ”says Klaus Zellmer, Volkswagen board member for sales, marketing and service. “More and more people are on the road with our identity card. and our electro offensive is advancing at full speed around the world. Silke Bagschik, ID sales and marketing manager. Family and CMO for ID. Digital adds: “Interacting with our community is extremely important to us and we always strive to give something back to our customers, such as expert advice from our specialists or on-site events we organize for our. ID. community.”

Last year, early buyers of the Volkswagen ID.3 1st had the opportunity to participate in the ID. Club of the first movers. Since then, these soulmates have found each other in their Facebook group, exchanging stories and discussing the future of mobility. Volkswagen has also launched five optimization surveys to provide the community with the opportunity to actively participate in the further development of products and services. The high level of involvement and the excellent feedback received from the community by Volkswagen have ensured that this tool will be retained in the future.

The early engines are also at the top of the queue for new updates. For example, First Movers were the first customers to have the option to load the initial Over-the-Air update for their car. The update will soon also be provided for all other IDs. customers. Volkswagen had recently founded ID. Digital as a new agile project unit. This coordinates the preparation and provision of updates and is geared towards direct customer feedback.

When it is opened, membership in the ID. The First Movers Club had grown to about 3,400 people. About 2,000 of them are “Daily Active Users”, ie users who actively participate in the forum on a daily basis. Since the community’s inception in September 2020, over 6,700 messages and 95,000 comments have been posted and over 7,000 direct messages have been sent. “In the first twelve months, the immense amount of knowledge and motivated feedback from community members significantly contributed to the improvement of our products,” says Bagschik.

First identity document. Appointment scheduled in Switzerland

This process is not just a digital event: it was in the ID. First Movers Club as the idea of ​​an identity document. Meet was first mentioned, the first real meeting for ID. passionate. September 8-12, ID. the drivers will meet in Ticino to share their experiences. “The idea was born in September 2020, after ordering my ID.3 1er,” says Daniel Ott, founder of the ID. Meet. “I was browsing the ID. forums and social media groups for the ID. The family and it seemed to me that there was a need for a community to meet in real life and talk about the ID card. Vehicles. “Volkswagen supports the ID. Meet by making specialists and experts available for presentations, as well as numerous vehicles. These include an ID.3 X (Performance)03and the Showcar ID.303 of the internship project in Zwickau.

Ott looks at the ID. Drivers Club as a valuable tool to help people identify with the Volkswagen brand. “The identity. Meet would not have been possible without this community. And it is of fundamental importance that people actually meet each other. This is how they really approach a subject in a proactive way,” explains the Swiss Fan ID “I consider the climate crisis to be the greatest threat facing humanity and electromobility must help counter this.”

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