Vegas’ vs. ‘Chicago PD’ franchises fight for good grades


It’s a battle of TV franchises this fall, and fan TV screens are chock full of shows ranging from our old classics such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Law and Order” which are still growing stronger more than a decade after their premieres in new hit shows.

There are also the shows that expanded their franchise like “FBI: International” and the sitcoms that brought back shows that fans loved so much like “CSI: Vegas” from the CSI franchise.

All of these shows and more are in close competition for the primetime spot on viewers’ television, and it has been a hot race these first few weeks of fall.

So let’s take a look at how these franchise showdowns went, the slot battles, viewership numbers, and ratings. And to start, we’ll start with the showdown between “CSI: Vegas” and its biggest competition, “Chicago PD”.

CSI: Vegas vs. Chicago PD

The new “CSI: Vegas” premiered on television at 10 p.m. ET on October 6, 2021, with several of the original cast returning in the new season.

The new season got off to a pretty good start on its own, but with Wednesday night’s Primetime competitiveness, how well did it fare compared to “Chicago PD” According to Variety, CSI’s new season received a live audience. same day 4.12 million viewers in the key demographic of 18-49 years old.

It also got a rating of 0.46, which may not be the best for such a big comeback on TV, but can be attributed to the broadcast of “Chicago PD” on NBC also at 10pm.

It has been a standard for “Chicago PD” to trump other 10pm screenings on other broadcast networks, and sadly, CSI’s revival has not been spared. Comparing the numbers of live and same-day views, Chicago won with a view count of 5.75 million and a score of 0.75.

According to THR, the CSI show also failed to make the top 20 for the number of live and 3-day views, but Chicago reached over 9 million viewers and saw its rating jump to 1.27, which ranked them 6th for most watched scripted show.

Survivor versus. The masked singer

“Survivor” debuted on CBS with its highly anticipated season 41 while “The Masked Singer” grew strong with its hit season and dramatic twists. Both shows aired new episodes Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET, so which show came out on top?

According to live numbers and the same day, “Survivor” won the fight with a rating of 0.94 and an audience of 5.8 million, which ranks above the rating of 0.9 of “The Masked. Singer “and 4.35 million audiences. Ouch.

After a few days of delayed viewing, “Survivor” grew to 7.37 million viewers, which saw the show ranked 18th in the top 20 of the week. However, “The Masked Singer” triumphed in the delayed notes and got a 37% raise to land at 1.38 while “Survivor” finished with 1.28.

Grey’s Anatomy vs. Law and Order: SVU

Early ratings for ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and NBC’s “Law and Order: SVU” showed that NBC beat the ABC series in a surprising twist, despite its lower viewership.

However, they live and the 3-day issues had a different story to tell as they showed Law and Order failed to make the top 20 list for total viewers, while Grey’s came in at number. 20 on the list.

Grey’s also saw a 48% increase to over 7 million viewers and another 65% increase in its ranking to 1.26. However, Law and Order got a 47% increase to raise their ranking to 1.07, which is still lower than Gray’s.

According to THR for the Oct. 7 episode, Grey’s had a rating of 0.64 and an audience of 4.04 million while Law and Order fell from its ranking the week before, to land at 0.62 and 3.88 million viewers.

FBI versus. Chicago Fire Vs. Law and Order: SVU

While shows from the Dick Wolf Universe do not compete against each other, it is interesting for fans to see how they stack up against and rank against each other.

There are currently eight shows in Wolf’s Universe with the FBI franchise on Tuesdays, the Chicago franchise on Wednesdays, and The Law and Orders Thursday on NBC.

To compare, here are the top rated and viewed shows from each franchise along with their numbers.

“FBI” currently has 10 million viewers per episode, which is lagging viewers. “Chicago Fire” averages 11.7 million per episode including delayed and digital views, and “Law & Order” drew a total audience of 9.2 million with the majority of that number coming from airing in live and the rest of digital viewing.

This shows that in terms of numbers and other variables, “Chicago Fire” is ranked first, then “FBI” with “Law & Order” coming close behind. However, the Primetime viewing battle has only just begun, and the fall TV season is sure to have more surprises in store for fans of these shows.

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