UK snow forecast: New maps show snow showers arriving just in time for Christmas in Britain

The Met Office said there was a ‘risk of rain and snow’ next week as other forecasters believe it could be a white Christmas as the weather freezes over the holiday season

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Christmas forecast: an overview of snow risks for the UK

Britain could have a white Christmas with below freezing temperatures and snow, according to new forecast maps.

The UK has experienced warm weather this week with 7 ° C in Newcastle and even 9 ° C in London.

But by next week, the country will experience plunging temperatures, with snow expected in many parts of the country.

WXCharts maps show where snow should fall – demonstrated by a purple wall on the map.

They show snow and rain pushing northeast across Britain on December 23, with up to 3mm of snow falling over North Wales and the Midlands by noon.

WXChart cards show Christmas sees snow across UK

Snow will cover much of the country on Christmas Eve, resulting in even more volatile weather, according to maps.

A total of 2cm of snowfall is expected to settle over most of the UK as temperatures drop to -1 ° C across much of the country.

Until Christmas Day snow will continue to fall in the north of England and much of the Midlands.

On Boxing Day, the showers will head south

The north of England will experience the heaviest snowfall by midday with 11cm of snow expected to settle on the ground around Leeds.

The south of England shouldn’t wake up to snow, but they can see up to 2 inches of white matter falling at 6 p.m., as well as overnight until Boxing Day.

Meteorologist James Madden of Exacta Weather told the Express: “Snow could arrive as early as Christmas Eve in parts of the south.

“Additional snow is likely during the latter part of Christmas Day and Boxing Day.”

Mr Madden said sudden stratospheric warming “would help bring a very cold easterly wind and the ever-increasing risk of widespread snow in the last third of December.”

He added: “Temperatures could also drop to as low as -10C in the colder and freezing areas during the holiday season.”

The maps also show how freezing the temperatures will be



Slush and snow could continue to cover swathes of Britain until Christmas and into the New Years.

Jim Dale, British Weather Services, said: “A White Christmas is definitely on.

“It will be colder next week as the high pressure breaks down and a system coming in on Christmas Eve conflicts with cold conditions and brings in snow.

“There is a risk of snow anytime and anywhere.”

It could mean dangerous conditions on the roads



According to the Met Office, the definition of a White Christmas is when a snowflake is observed within 24 hours of December 25 anywhere in the UK.

There have been four White Christmases in the past six years.

Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said: “We had a few days of calm weather, we were above average. From Wednesday, the pressure drop sets in.

“For the Christmas period, it becomes more unstable and there is a risk of rain and snow.

UK weather forecast:


Low cloud and persistent fog for many, with clear spells for Scotland and West Wales.

Scattered light rain and drizzle at times in the east and north.


Mostly cloudy, but fog and low clouds rise overnight.

A few clear periods downwind from the heights, mainly west Wales, Scotland and northern Northern Ireland where it is cold.


Cloudy again for many, although clouds may start to rise during the day with some sunshine as slightly cooler conditions spread from the east.

Windy in the extreme southwest.

Outlook from Tuesday to Thursday:

Becoming clearer but colder for the most part through Tuesday and Wednesday with overnight frosts.

Becoming unstable from the southwest on Thursday, the rain possibly turning to snow over the hills further north.

Thursday to Saturday January 1

It is expected to become unstable around Christmas, particularly in the south, as a front approaches bringing clouds to the southwest, along with rain and possibly wintry conditions. in parts of the country.

While drier weather may continue elsewhere for some time with varying cloud cover, although occasional showers may be possible for the northern and eastern coastal regions.

Rather cold in the north but becoming milder in the south.

During this time, stronger winds are possible, although they are likely limited to southern areas.

However, stable conditions are expected to continue towards the end of the year with the potential for frost and fog.

Temperatures likely to be rather cold with overnight frosts and increased risk of fog.

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