UIL: Proposed rule changes to be discussed at June 14 meeting

The UIL Athletics Standing Committee will consider numerous rule changes at its June 14 meeting in Round Rock.

ROUND ROCK, Texas — The University Interscholastic League (UIL) — which governs athletic, musical and academic competition for public elementary and secondary schools in Texas — will consider a number of proposed rule changes at its next meeting in mid- June.

The agenda of the UIL Athletics Standing Committee detailed the proposals, which they will consider when they meet on Tuesday in Round Rock.

Several agenda items will relate to proposed changes to the Public Rules, including, but not limited to:

  • A proposal to ban first-year athletes from participating in varsity competitions.
  • Proposals to transform soccer from a spring sport to a fall sport
  • A proposal to add a shot clock in basketball
  • A proposal to allow the participation of the 6th year at level 1A
  • A Strength and Conditioning Proposal for In-Season Athletes
  • A proposal to establish a ten-year compensation plan for sports officials

These are just a few of the many proposals on the agenda.

UIL officials told the WFAA that anyone can propose a rule change to be included on the meeting agenda and all submissions they received for consideration at this Legislative Council meeting are included. For more information on UIL’s rule change process, visit their website here.

UIL also said that “old business” on the agenda are items that staff will discuss at a previous legislative council meeting that the council had asked UIL staff to consider or discuss. to watch.

To consult the complete list of proposals on the agenda, click here.

The meeting comes months after UIL released its district realignments for 2022 to 2024.

Here’s a look at the movement for North Texas schools.

To see the full list of UIL upgrades (Football, Basketball, Volleyball) here.

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