Twilight & The Hunger Games Swap Franchises In April Fool’s Day Posters

The official Twilight and Hunger Games Twitter accounts are playing April Fool’s Day to their followers by creating hybrid movie posters.

The official dusk and The hunger Games Twitter accounts pulled an April Fool’s Day prank by layering dusk actors on a hunger games-style poster and vice versa. The Twilight Saga has five films that tell the story of a love triangle between a human girl, Bella, and her romances with vampire Edward Cullen and werewolf Jacob Black. The hunger Games The franchise consists of four films that all focus on Katniss Everdeen, a teenage girl struggling to survive in the fictional post-apocalyptic world of Panem. Although this is not the main focus of the films, there is also a love triangle in The hunger Games between Katniss and her two friends, Peeta and Gale.


Although both of these franchises have been around for over a decade, their impact remains. A decade after its first release, a new film titled The Battle of Songbirds and Serpents come to The hunger Games franchise. And dusk is enjoying a resurgence in popularity – while the films were often derided in their day (likely due to their association with a fan base of teenage girls), many people are now revisiting them with a new, more open-minded perspective. Today, with the success of Robert Pattinson in The Batman as well as Kristen Stewart’s disturbing performance as Princess Diana in spencerthe dusk actors are recognized for their acting skills.

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In honor of April Fool’s Day, the social media teams of dusk and The hunger Games created hilarious posters and changed their usernames. the hunger games account tweets a fake poster featuring red-eyed Bella and Edward and Jacob below her, all surrounded by flames, with the words “The Hunger Games: Breaking Dawn Part 1” in the classic hunger games Character font. In The hunger Games, Katniss is often referred to as “the girl on fire”, and fire is a common motif in her clothing, which explains the fire in the poster. the dusk account tweets a poster of Katniss, Peeta and Gale in the signature dusk color scheme consisting of grays and blues, with the words “the twilight saga: mockingjay part 1” in the signature Twilight font. Check out the posters below:

Click here to see Twilight’s original post

Click here to view the original Hunger Games post

It’s likely that the social media teams of these two film series were simply relying on overlapping fanbases to pull off a benign prank. But it’s also possible that these tweets are signaling something more to fans. Some sort of upcoming collaboration, perhaps? With the massive fanbases surrounding both the dusk and hunger games franchises, a collaboration would certainly be good news.

The caption tweeted alongside the fake posters – “not much going on at the moment” – has become an iconic phrase of Taylor Swift, known for her Easter eggs. Amid the COVID-19 quarantine, Swift posted a selfie with the caption, “not much going on at the moment“, but soon after, she released her wildly successful album folklore. So, fans are wondering if these posters have anything to do with the singer. It’s long, but is there any chance that Swift is involved in the joke somehow? After all, his song “Safe and Sound” was part of The hunger Games soundtrack. Over time, fans will learn if it was just an April Fool’s joke from dusk and The hunger Games accounts or if it’s something more.

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