“They can buy their own junk food”


A mother infuriated her teenage daughter with a new house rule.

The mother shared the situation on the Reddit “Am I the A ******” forum. She has three older teens who eat a ton of snacks. Fed up with the expenses, the mom insisted that each teenager buy their own snacks. But her teenage daughter thought it was her parents’ responsibility to buy her sweet candies.

“I have three teenagers,” the mother said. “They eat like a plague of locusts. Every time there’s a treat, they’re right on it. I try to hide it sometimes, but when my partner and I try to have something cool after dinner, they hear the wrapper and are right on it. I used to buy snacks for them, but it cost a fortune and only lasted a day or two, not the whole week, and forgot about anything that was a little prettier or more expensive for us. All of my kids have casual jobs and earn at least $ 150 a week. We instituted a rule that they buy their own junk food.

Everyone seemed to think the deal was fair except for their daughter.

“My boys are happy with this arrangement,” the mother explained. “For the four of us the arrangement is working well and the boys have found out how much all this shit is costing. My daughter keeps telling me it’s our job to feed them, why does she have to pay for her own food and I just want her to starve. I have a pantry and a fridge full of breakfast (sugary cereals are considered junk food and I expect them to buy them, I have cornflakes and muesli for them), and food for lunch, and they are given a healthy tea each evening. The pantry is full of ingredients if they want to cook, knowing that everything they do is for the household.

People thought the parents were fair about the arrangement.

“They can buy their own junk food,” someone commented.

“As long as she’s having a meal, you’re doing your job,” wrote another.

“You buy food, they DON’T NEED junk food,” one person wrote.

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