The weather in Vancouver is finally getting better this week and it’s just in time for summer

After an unusually cool spring, Vancouver’s weather forecast is finally calling for high temperatures and sunshine in sight. The spring season is coming to an end, and although it looked like a long winter, the start of summer is looking bright.

Environment Canada’s weather forecast for Metro Vancouver indicates bright yellow sunshine for most of the week and weekends. Vancouverites can finally take their jackets off as temperatures are expected to hit a scorching 24 degrees.

In case you forgot what to do when it’s really sunny outside in Raincouver, here’s your reminder to apply sunscreen. After months of clouds, Vancouverites are bound to feel the heat.

It’s still Vancouver, so there’s a bit of rain in the forecast.

According to Environment Canada, Tuesday — the first day of summer — will be a mix of sun and 21-degree clouds. On Wednesday, Vancouver could see the return of rain, with a 60% chance of showers, but a warm 21 degrees is still expected.

Thursday is when the weather gets really nice for the city, with nothing but sunshine in the forecast for four days in a row!

It’s expected to be 19 degrees on Thursday, but all sunshine with no clouds to disrupt your sunbathing time.

Friday could reach 22 degrees and the sun will be shining. The temperature continues to improve, with Saturday expected to reach 23 degrees and Sunday 24 degrees. No rain or clouds are expected all weekend.

Rest easy, Vancouver, because you’ll want to spend the whole weekend outside soaking up the rays everyone has been missing so much.

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