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HOUSTON, Aug. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The National Hispanic Contractors Association (NAHICA) is thrilled to announce that high-performance coated abrasives manufacturer Fandeli has joined the association.

“As a proudly Mexican company, we are excited to take on this new challenge and make a difference in all markets for Hispanic entrepreneurs in the United States,” said Enrique Telles, Chief Marketing Officer of Fandeli.

This new partnership also marks Fandeli’s arrival in the US market after serving customers in Mexico and around the world since 1927.

“For more than 95 years, we have been the only producer of coated abrasives in Mexico, and we are excited to bring our expertise to our American neighbors. We look forward to the relationships that being part of NAHICA will help us form as let us know our new community,” said Enrique Telles – Fandeli.

Fandeli’s historical history and global distribution network have supplied over 15,000 coated and bonded abrasive products to different market niches including the aerospace, textile, automotive, glass, construction, wood, metals, plastics and flooring.

The National Hispanic Contractors Association is a Houston-based organization that works to make Hispanic contractors the preferred partner of choice across industries for manufacturers, residential and commercial builders.

NAHICA provides the following services to its partners:

  • A website to access ongoing construction projects.
  • Access to NAHICA’s vast network of contacts and job offers.
  • Events and conferences to allow established and growing entrepreneurs to learn about important commercial, industrial, residential and engineering projects while networking with leading companies.
  • Workshops and training courses to teach the latest construction innovations.
  • Discounts on professional services and materials, including financial, legal and marketing services, certifications and building materials.

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About the National Association of Hispanic Entrepreneurs

The National Hispanic Contractors Association (NAHICA) aims to firmly establish Hispanic contractors as a preferred partner choice across all industries for manufacturers, residential and commercial builders by helping the Latin construction community connect, develop and have adequate resources to gain support from established companies. . The organization is focused on opening up growth opportunities for contractors in the construction industry.

About Fandeli

We are a family business, originally from Mexico, with sales offices and warehouse in Houston since 1987, with a global presence in over 30 countries and numerous manufacturing industries. We have the most extensive coverage in the hardware, home center, self-service, and specialty retail sectors such as automotive and paint stores. At Fandeli, our priority is to ensure your complete satisfaction in the use and application of our products. We always provide you with the best quality sandpapers and sandpapers, as well as ongoing customer service and technical support.

To learn more about Fandeli, please visit and see the special program for all entrepreneurs in the United States.

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