The hottest franchise categories of 2022

Every year in December, at Entrepreneur, we put on our tipster hat and try to predict what types of franchises will work best in the coming year. We look at the growth, both in the number of franchise units and in the number of new franchisors in a category, and look at the trends evident both inside and outside the franchise world. To some extent, we also listen to the instincts we’ve honed over the years of ranking and writing about franchises.

Naturally, most of the categories we chose this year have increased in response to new needs fueled by the pandemic. Industries like cleaning and catering, health and wellness, and senior care are among them. But in 2022, we expect a lot of franchise growth to be driven by the need – or at least the desire – to get back to some semblance of “normal.” This is why we also chose categories such as education and enrichment of children (as children return to school), salon and spa services (while people return to personal care in person), and staffing and recruiting (as businesses continue to grow).

You’ll find hundreds of franchises representing these and our other picks for trending categories (linked below). Remember, however, that inclusion on this list is not intended to be a recommendation of any particular franchise. Not all businesses in a strong category are equally strong franchisees, so it’s important that you do your own research to see if an opportunity is a wise investment for you. Read company legal documents, consult with a lawyer and accountant, and talk to current and former franchisees before you make up your mind.

Chicken Education / enrichment for children Cleaning / catering Fruit Health and wellness DIY Pets Salon and spa services Elder care Staffing / recruiting

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