Shohei Ohtani’s rule is ‘awesome’ for fans and MLB

Among the rule changes announced by MLB for the 2022 season was the Designated Hitter Modification, also commonly referred to as the “Shohei Ohtani Rule,” as it was put in place for the Los Angeles Angels two-way superstar.

Universal DH has already been agreed upon, but the new rule allows a starting pitcher to also remain in the lineup and count as two separate players. This allows two-way players to not only continue batting for themselves when throwing, but stay in the game to bat after they stop throwing.

Previously, if a pitcher hit as the team’s designated hitter, they had to move him to a different position on the pitch to keep the bat in the lineout once he finished pitching. This in turn cost the team their place in DH.

Currently, the rule is mostly in place for Ohtani, so it won’t affect the LA Dodgers much, but manager Dave Roberts believes the change is a positive change for the game of baseball and its fans, via SportsNetLA:

“I think it’s great. Obviously, he’s a unique player. The game is about the players, the game is about the fans. For the people who work on the game, it’s our job to bend those rules It’s about the fans and the game. People want to see Shohei play. I wish when he’s out of the game he couldn’t keep hitting – that would be better for the Dodgers – but for the fans of him. to see throw and stay win the game against DH is awesome.

Last season, Ohtani did everything right, including throwing some of the fastest pitches off the mound, hitting some of the fastest outing speeds at home plate, and being one of the fastest players on the lanes. based.

His skills at all levels have made him one of the best hitters in baseball, winning the American League’s Silver Slugger Award as a designated hitter with 46 home runs and 26 stolen bases, and one of the best pitchers in the game. ‘AL, posting a 3.18 ERA. with 156 strikeouts.

Significant contributions to the mound and home plate also made him the unanimous choice for the AL MVP Award.

“He can check it off his list,” Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner said of Ohtani winning the award. “It was on his list. He wanted to be MVP. He can tick that one. Obviously, what he did was special. Happy for him. It was awesome.”

Ohtani’s rule also allows DH to enter as a pitcher

The modified DH rule also states that if the DH is substituted, he may continue as pitcher but may no longer bat for himself.

However, if the player is substituted simultaneously as both a starting pitcher and DH, they cannot be substituted with another two-way player fulfilling both roles as separate people, as this can only be done only once on the initial line-up card identifying that the starting pitcher will bat for himself.

“Expanding the designated hitter and giving two-way players increased flexibility to showcase their talents will benefit the game for the foreseeable future,” MLBPA Director of Player Services Kevin Slowey said at about change.

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