Q&A with Mario DiCostanzo, AdvantaClean Multi-Unit franchisee


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Last name: Mario DiCostanzo

Title: Franchise owner

Mark: AdvantaClean

Units: 3 (Westchester County and Rockland, NY and Stamford, CT)

Years in franchise: 6

Why did you choose to franchise with a service mark?

I like to help people and solve their problems. I have a goal in the service industry and I help improve people’s lives. I previously had a job on Wall Street as a stock trader for 21 years, buying and selling stocks. When the market collapsed in 2008, everything changed and I decided to go out and look for other opportunities.

How did you choose the sector and the brand you made?

When discussing options with my franchise business coach, he first mentioned mold removal. I thought it would be a tough business and I wasn’t too sure about the opportunity. I changed my mind when I met the folks at AdvantaClean and really felt I could do it successfully. I chose AdvantaClean because I felt I had the opportunity to grow with the brand rather than just being a statistic with another company. In addition, I am allergic to mold and I am sensitive to dirt, dust and debris. I figured that in order to help myself, I would need to know how to take the appropriate steps to deal with exposure to these things. If I could work things out for me, I could help other people who have bad reactions as well.

What are the different skills required for the service mark franchise?

I think the most important thing is to be hungry and want to be successful. I’ve always been good with my hands and think I’m okay with sales. You must also have a strong business acumen. You must also be an accountant, salesperson, and salesperson. But if you don’t feel like learning and improving yourself every day, I think you will fail.

What are the advantages of choosing a service mark?

The best part about being with a service brand franchise is the support you receive. If you are stuck in a job and need help, you can call the franchisor’s technical support team or any other franchisee for help. Systems are important, but I think the support in place is even more valuable for a franchise owner.

How is having a service mark beneficial / complementary to your other brands?

I don’t have any other franchise brand.

What would you recommend to anyone considering a service mark?

If you love to help people and want to feel good about yourself, I think a service business is the way to go. I go home satisfied knowing that I have been successful in solving problems for others. And with franchises, you have the support behind you, which is crucial in helping you do business.

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