Piccolo’s New Transformation Breaks An Old Dragon Ball Rule

The new form of Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes breaks an old rule that dates back to the original dragonball lively. What happened to Piccolo in Super hero It wasn’t the first time he received an upgrade, but it was still a game-changing moment for the character. Finally, the fan-favorite Z-Warrior has his own transformation.

Piccolo has trailed behind Goku and Vegeta since the Buu Saga, and unfortunately for the character, the monumental difference in power levels seemed inevitable.


After all, Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta can reach new heights by unlocking transformation after transformation, while Namekians can only gain power by fusing or training. Or at least it was the status quo before Super hero changed it. Making a wish at the Dragon Balls awakened Piccolo’s true potential and secretly granted him access to a whole new ability. Unlocked during the heat of battle, the “Orange Piccolo” form empowered the Namekian to defeat Gamma 2 and physically challenge Cell Max in Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes end.

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Exactly how Piccolo got his new transformation actually goes against a longstanding rule in the dragonball franchise. Looking at how Shenron has been used since the very beginning of the dragonball franchise, it’s always been understood that while the Eternal Dragon will grant any wish that is asked of it, but going beyond that isn’t how it works. In other words, it’s Shenron’s nature to do what he’s told and nothing more. Super heroon the other hand, saw him take an unprecedented decision by throwing “something morefor Piccolo. Piccolo never asked for a transformation, but he received one anyway.

Why did Shenron break his own rules for Piccolo?

Shenron gives Piccolo not one, but two upgrades in Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes raises the obvious question: why would he make an exception now when he never has before? The reason can be found in the glowing orange symbol on Piccolo’s back which triggered the transformation. The emblem combines the symbols of Shenron and the Namekian race, which is a sign that Shenron made it due to his innate connection to the people of Piccolo. The Namekians created the Dragon Balls, which means that Piccolo in turn has a unique and special bond with Shenron that no other Z-Warrior shares. This alone may explain why Shenron would offer Piccolo a free power-up.

No matter why Shenron did it, Piccolo’s new form in Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes was a boost the character desperately needed if he had any hope of remaining relevant. With the gains that Goku and Vegeta have been making lately, the anime was making it increasingly difficult for Piccolo to bring anything meaningful to the table. But becoming “Orange Piccolo” changed everything for the Z-Warrior. Finally, his power level is on par with Goku and Vegeta, making him someone who could be instrumental in their next fight in the franchise.

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