Parents prepare children to return to school with supplies and vaccines – NBC4 Washington

Sale posters are out, as are the merchandise: notebooks, backpacks, pencils and more. This means that the end of summer is near and that parents and children are preparing for the return to school.

But these days, getting ready to go back to school isn’t just about buying books and supplies. It is also a question of making sure that the little ones are well vaccinated.

In Montgomery County, the Department of Health has partnered with schools to make sure students get all their shots.

“[My daughter is] actually going to go to kindergarten now for the fall. I’m so relieved, I feel like I’ve held my breath for so long,” her mother Angelic Adams said. “It’s just in time for her to go play with other kids and bring home all the other fun illnesses that we’re going to be dealing with, I’m sure.”

COVID-19 vaccination clinics are being held at several county schools over the weekend to make it easier for parents to participate. They focus on children from 6 months to 5 years old.

The hope is that they will bring some peace of mind as the number of coronavirus cases climbs again in Montgomery County.

Elsewhere, prices rise when it comes to getting what students need.

“Children always need what they need and so you just make allowances when you can to make sure they have everything they need,” said another mother.

Maryland’s duty-free holiday is next weekend, and this weekend is Virginia. In the Commonwealth, the state waives sales tax revenue on certain school supplies, up to $20 per item and up to $100 on clothing and footwear.

But of course, you don’t need to buy school supplies to enjoy the holidays – some emergency preparedness devices and equipment are also eligible.

And don’t forget to shop around to take advantage of the much-needed discounts. Here’s how the prices of some basic school supplies compare at different stores.

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