NFL’s Silly, Dumb new taunt rule could bring the world together in hate


The NFL has a lot of problems. CTE. No one knows what a trap is. Their proofreading rules often make no sense. Arbitration is horrible. And many more. But instead of fixing one of those issues in the final offseason, the NFL decided there was something more important to focus on. People were having too much fun there. Celebrate after doing a great play. Applause. To scream loudly. Maybe even some sort of creative celebration? Disgusting behavior. It is high time we took care of it.

Here this shit DJ Reed hunk had the absolute nerve to get a little excited after he smashed a pass to Pro Bowl AJ Brown’s wide receiver while he was on single cover. Prevent Tennessee from scoring a touchdown in a touchdown game. Is that why you’re gonna be excited? Is that why you’re gonna scream? Is that why you might like to flex your arms together a little? Not under NFL watch, mate.

Seriously, I think the NFL’s taunt rule just might be their attempt to finally achieve world peace. It must be the most universally hated thing in the world. There isn’t a single person with a brain who agrees with this rule change. I feel like it was proposed by someone’s former racist uncle and then kind of slipped through the cracks and got approved.

NFL? More like No Fun League. LMFAOOO. Has anyone thought of this joke before?

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