New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite models are out, just in time for school


Everyone is getting ready for school which is reading season, including Amazon. I’m not just talking about new campaigns and school raids, but also the company’s own products, especially Kindle devices. Amazon has just released two new Kindle Paperwhite models.

On Amazon’s Canadian and Mexican websites, two new Kindle models appeared briefly but in time to be seen by Reddit users and BonEReader. One of them was a new version of the Paperwhite model and the second a “Signature Edition”.

Now, what passed as a simple leak is a reality as Amazon officially announced the new products. The 2021 versions have 6.8-inch screens, significantly larger than the current 6-inch Kindle Paperwhite.

The models retain their IPX8 waterproof rating, flush design, but have narrower side bezels and 10% brighter screens.

Much like the high-end Oasis, the newer Kindle Paperwhite versions have an “adjustable warm light,” which means you can play with the heat of the screen so that reading becomes easier even in low light environments. or in strong ambient light.

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While very similar, the Signature Edition offers up to 32GB of storage and comes with self-adjusting light sensors and, a first, wireless charging.

Speaking of charging, you won’t be doing it as much as you used to. The battery life has been significantly increased, so the new Kindle Paperwhite models should last you 10 weeks.

If you need to upgrade your Kindle, you’ll notice that the newer models have an updated user interface that helps you switch between your current book, library, and home page faster. There are also new filters and sorting options, an interactive scroll bar, and a new collection view.

The new Kindles also feature an updated user interface, with easier switching between Home screen, Library, and your current book, while the updated Library now features new filters and sorting options. , a new collection view and an interactive scroll bar.

One more thing to note: Both Kindle eBooks can now be paired with iOS or Android phones so setup can be done more easily.

The two new Kindle Paperwhite models are available in black and are available for pre-order. The Paperwhite 2021 benchmark costs $ 140, while the Signature Edition costs $ 190.



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New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite models are out, just in time for school [Updated]

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