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Toccoa, Georgia, United States, December 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Mountain Sweet Honey announced that buyers can save a lot of money with the company’s new monthly flash sales. Flash sales have a limited time and company newsletter subscribers are alerted by email. However, buyers will also know if there is an ongoing sale on certain products by visiting the company’s official website. Currently, the company offers free shipping on orders over $ 125 for certain bee supplies.

Mountain Sweet Honey is one of the leading bee sourcing companies in the United States. The company became the leading shipper of live bees to the East Coast and Midwest in 2017. The company also added two separate warehouses, which will allow it to store more inventory to better serve its customers. Mountain Sweet Honey has been in business for ten years and maintains an excellent reputation with its customers.

Over the years, Mountain Sweet Honey has successfully mastered the logistical complexities of shipping bees across the country and managing inventory. In addition to beekeeping supplies, the company has a large inventory of live bees, including three different types of bees, Carniolan, Russian and Italian.

Readers can find out more and take advantage of the latest discounts by visiting the official Mountain Sweet Honey website at

“We continue to see a 30% year-over-year loss of bees in the United States. That’s a pretty big number, all things considered. Said the CEO of Mountain Sweet Honey.

Mountain Sweet Honey continues to add the latest products and discounts to its beekeeping supplies. However, the company maintains that buyers interested in the latest offers should sign up for their newsletter.

About sweet mountain honey

Mountain Sweet Honey has a passion for honey bees, which is why the company has been associated with the best honey bee offering over the years. In addition, Mountain Sweet Honey also offers excellent customer service through its customer service team. The brand believes in using organic methods when it comes to treating and raising bees. Mountain Sweet Honey maintains a healthy supply of bee products. All customer orders placed before 12:00 noon EST will be shipped the same day. The company also uses environmentally friendly recyclable materials, often recycling computer equipment and boxes.


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