ManningCast Week 13 – Eli wants Peyton to leave Mac Jones alone, more Patriots-Bills reveal

After a brief hiatus, Peyton and Eli Manning’s Monday Night Football TV show returned just in time for a snowy and windy AFC East battle between the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills.

As Bill Belichick’s decision to wear sleeves was the most exciting part of the Patriots’ game plan (Mac Jones completed 2 of 3 passes for 19 yards) and the Bills continued an MNF home losing streak going back in 1994, the ManningCast was pretty spicy for both teams.

The Manning brothers brought an eclectic lineup of guests with them in a return to the “booth” that revealed how difficult Jones is to reach, how a Buffalo fan once threw Peyton’s headband at him and the jumpsuits were acceptable. through dress during Aqib Talib’s tenure in New England.

Here are the best times David Letterman, Talib, and Joe Buck joined the show:

Mac Jones Messaging …

You would think that being Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning has many benefits. Namely, you can talk to anyone in the NFL that you want.

This is a statement that is probably true, unless the athlete in question is named Mac Jones. When Peyton reached out ahead of Monday’s game, the rookie QB politely directed him to Patriots PR.

Raise your hand if you had “Mac Jones Denied Peyton Manning” on your Week 13 bingo card.

When Peyton detailed another time, he reached out to Jones and said the rookie responded to his text two days later Eli had to intervene.

Voice memos, very underrated.

Bills Mafia remains loyal …

Unless your name is Stefon Diggs or Josh Allen, you can keep your game-worn sweatband on. Peyton told a story about when the Colts played at Buffalo and he threw his headband at a youngster. fan in the stands. The fan rejected Peyton’s gesture and quickly returned the article to QB.

Bills fans have been through too much to sell for a sweatband.

Letterman left Eli aside …

When you’ve been in the entertainment business for as long as David Letterman, you’ve undoubtedly seen it all. This includes the double characters of a Bill Belichick.

Eli asked what it was like to have Belichick on his show, and Letterman pulled the curtain down on the guy who was “answering questions from the audience.”

Then when Letterman asked why he had never been asked to be a guest on ESPN + ‘Eli’s Places’, Manning’s younger brother had something on his chest that he had been keeping for a while. time.

“I didn’t want to throw another interception at a taxi driver.” … Logic.

Talib tapped …

Aqib Talib is not lacking in self-awareness. Peyton asked the former Patriots whether or not he plans to return to play for Belichick as a “tight stopper” before retiring.

Talib’s response involved three names: Travis Kelce, Darren Waller, and Rob Gronkowski.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that the Talib also revealed how the Patriots culture isn’t as strict as everyone would like to believe. The former cornerback explained that as long as players show up on time and know their stuff, they’re good – and can switch from onesies to walkthroughs.

He also said that NFL players love free swag because “the more money you get, the less you expect to pay.” This is a line we will reflect on until further notice.

Come on, Buck …

If there’s one thing you can count on with New York Giants fans, it’s that you never have to wonder where you are at. No, as Joe Buck can attest, the Giants loyalists will let you know exactly how they feel.

This is something the announcer learned firsthand after he decidedly “lacked enthusiasm” during David Tyree’s helmet capture call in Super Bowl XLII.

People don’t forget.

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