Legislation passed in honor of ousted Fort Bend County MP Caleb Rule


FORT BEND COUNTY – Bill 133, also known as the Caleb Rule Act, has been officially passed. It was originally tabled by Representative Jacey Jetton of Richmond and Senator Joan Huffman of Houston.

Caleb Rule was a Fort Bend County MP who was killed by friendly fire in May 2020 after responding to a property check at Sienna Plantation. Rule is survived by his wife Eden and their four children.

The Caleb Rule Act was established to increase survivor benefits to include college age children to receive tuition assistance from the spring semester of 2022. The law will come into effect immediately thereafter. its signature by the governor.

The law moves the eligibility age from 18 to 25. Rule’s oldest daughter was 18 and graduated from high school later that evening on the day of her death, as she was already 18 at the time. where she was not eligible for survivor tuition benefits.

In a press release, Representative Jetton spoke about the Assistant Rule and the new law.

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“We owe a great debt to the Assistant Ruler and to the first responders and their families. The State of Texas must ensure that we provide higher education opportunities for the surviving children of those first responders who pay the last full measure of devotion. “

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