Leak: Sony is working on new games for two classic franchises

According to multiple leaks, Sony is working on new games for two classic franchises.
Do you remember those classic Sony games? They come back! | ©Sony

If you think about it, Sony has an insane catalog of classic game franchises that for one reason or another haven’t had new games in a while. There are too many to name, but today we’re going to focus on two of them, because according to credible new leaks, they’re coming back soon. Yes, Sony is bringing back some of its beloved old franchises with new titles, which are currently in development!

Sony is working on new InFamous and Sly Cooper games

According to notorious leakers and business insiders, Sony is working on new games set in the InFamous & Sly Cooper universes. Yes, you probably don’t remember what Sly Cooper is, but we’ll get to that (shame on you though). But a new InFamous? After the incredible open-world games that Sony has recently created, like Horizon: West forbidden, Ghost of Tsushima Where God of the war, we can’t wait to see what they might do with a new InFamous game on PS5. Oh before I forget to give credit, this tasty stupid piece of information comes from none other than AccountNGT on Twitter, one of the game’s top leakers and journalists.

We don’t know much more, except that Sony is supposedly working on these games. What will be the release dates for the new InFamous & Sly Cooper? We don’t know…but considering that these games haven’t been announced yet, we wouldn’t expect them to release until late 2023. That’s just speculation.

Oh, and one more thing… don’t you know what Sly Cooper is? Shame on you, man. In the 2000s, before any of you were born, Sony and other developers created tons of games featuring fun, goofy, and generally awesome mascots. And Sly was the coolest of them all, with amazing action-adventure games focused on witty banter and thrilling stealth gameplay. It would be absolutely amazing on the PS5, trust me…

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