Launch of Filmore Da Nang by Filmore in Hong Kong

from Vietnam GDP is expected to rebound next year

As a result of the pandemic, economies around the world have slowed down dramatically while Vietnam is still experiencing positive growth. According to UOB’s third quarter 2021 economic outlook report on Vietnam, Vietnam is still able to post annual GDP growth of 3% due to the government’s quick decision to gradually lift its pandemic restrictions from early October, as well as its efforts to promote vaccination. It is expected that when the majority of their economic activities resume under the new normal, their GDP will rebound to 7.4%.

3 Industries forming the economic pillars of Da Nang

Situated in from Vietnam central strategic area and being one of the four largest cities, Da Nang has caught the attention of multinational companies and investors. Da Nang serves as a transportation hub between the south and north sides of Vietnam by land, sea and air – you can reach Hanoi and Ho chi Minh-Ville, the two financial centers, in around 70 minutes and Hong Kong in about 2 hours by plane, all thanks to its privileged location by the sea and its developed infrastructures.

A diverse economy means great potential, and that’s exactly what Da Nang offers with its developed industries tourism, manufacturing and shipping. Sir. Danny Nguyen, President of Filmore, Said, “With the 3 main industries in Da Nang acting as an economic engine, it increases our GDP per capita and strengthens the middle class population. The influx of foreign investment in establishing production bases here, notably LG and Fujikin, has increased the number of expatriates which has spurred demand for quality residences.

Despite how the tourism industries are affected globally, Da Nang took the initiative to develop a recovery plan for the industry. The first phase began in mid-October to resume domestic travel, and reopened its borders to businessmen and Vietnamese compatriots in November with the aim of visiting relatives, with an emphasis on markets. Korean and Russian. The third phase will start after Vietnam has recovered nationally as part of the new normal.

Building tremendous momentum through infrastructure and foreign direct investment

As part of the government’s reform efforts to transform Da Nang in from Vietnam a central financial center, it has endeavored to update a “Masterplan of Da Nang City to 2030 with A Vision to 2045 “. The plan places a strong emphasis on the development of their tourism, manufacturing, commercial and financial industries. It has been predicted that that of Da Nang The GDP is expected to have an annual increase of 9% – 10%, forming a GDP per capita of $ 5,000 To $ 5,500.

Mr. Kingston Lai, CEO of Asia Bankers Club, Golden Emperor and Ashton hawks, said: “There will be a lot of major infrastructure developments coming up in Da Nang, namely the $ 2 billion-proposed railway value that connects Da Nang and Hoi An, which will further consolidate that of Da Nang important position as a transportation hub, attracting more tourists and foreign investment. According to the People’s Committee of Da Nang City, many investors are already eyeing that of Da Nang potential and authorized 30 FDI projects this year alone, representing more than $ 44.04 million. These projects are mainly in the tertiary sector, tourism and high technologies, and it can be expected that that of Da Nang future development will be comparable to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. ”

Soaring house prices with Da Nang be next in line

that of Da Nang the outlook looks optimistic with its potential for economic development and growing demand for quality housing. Sir. Ivan Yam, managing director and partner of Golden Emperor, adds: “The real estate market of Vietnam is rather stable like Hong Kong despite the pandemic, with potential for positive growth. The prices of houses in the two big cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, have skyrocketed with aggressive starting prices from developers. To take Ho Chi Minh City for example, even if the prices per square foot of new luxury condos have already reached 10,000 HK $ in the CBD zones of districts 1 and 2, they are still sold out quickly. While our project is located in the prestigious district in Han River, its price is still only half of that Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City ask, prices start from 2,200,000 HK $. Judging by the base starting price in Ho Chi Minh City, it is obvious that there is a large place for the real estate market of Da Nang to grow, and this would be a great time to enter the market now. “

Exclusive condos of unparalleled quality; Local permit available for foreigners

Brought to you by acclaimed Vietnamese developer Filmore, The Filmore Da Nang has its fair share of attractive looks and potential. Sir. Frédéric Ho, director and partner of Ashton hawks comments: “The Filmore Da Nang is one of the few Da Nang which issues Pink Book to foreigners. It is in the prime location in the CBD by Han River, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the river and the city. You can reach the business and shopping districts, green spaces and renowned schools in just a few minutes; Da Nang International airport 8 minutes away and large science parks 30 minutes away, making it a perfect choice for middle class families and professionals. For a relaxed lifestyle, you can reach Sun World Asian Park and My Khé beach in about 5 minutes. While Da Nang is also a renowned location for golfing, indeed the Filmore Da Nang is an ideal choice for investing or serving as a vacation home with an estimated rental yield of 6% per annum *. “

The Filmore Da Nang will be presented exclusively by Asia Bankers Club, Golden Emperor and Ashton hawks in Hong Kong. A seminar on investment Da Nang will take place on 4e– 5e December 2021, at Salon 5-6, 3 / F, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong. There are 25 floors and 206 units in total, with 61 limited foreign quotas. Condo sizes range from 484 to 1,259 sq. Ft., Available in several options such as 1 BR, 2 BR, double key condos, Heavenly terrace, and 3BR loft. The condos are fully furnished and furnished, there will be a swimming pool, a gymnasium and multipurpose rooms available to its residents. The estimated completion date is April 2023.

* The rental yield is provisional and not guaranteed.

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About Filmore

Filmore is a growing developer focusing on the high-touch niche, considered a “new star” in from Vietnam real estate market with sustainable growth, even during 2 difficult years of COVID-19[female[feminine.

As a descendant of Phat Dat Group – currently one of the biggest names in from Vietnam real estate market with a capitalization of more than $ 2 billion, Filmore has a very good starting point in terms of business skills with a solid foundation, market knowledge and strategic partnerships around the world.

Founded and operated by people who have a solid background in the industry and dream big to create new values ​​for the market, customers and residents, Filmore aims to create great products regarding the residential and commercial categories.

Currently, Filmore is implementing The Filmore Da Nang, a luxury condominium project positioned as one of the hottest projects in this young coastal town. After The Filmore Da Nang, Filmore plans to launch other projects in Binh duong, Ho Chi Minh City, and other cities.

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