Late push backed by Tre ‘Morgan propels LSU baseball to victory over Southern | USL

LSU first baseman Tre ‘Morgan had every pitcher’s number.

In total, Morgan faced three different Southern Jaguars pitchers in his 4-on-5 performance from the board, a fiery rebound from his 0-on-2 effort against Towson on Friday night.

“Yesterday the swing was on, but both hits were allowed all the way to the defenders,” Morgan said.

The leadoff batter kept the Tigers in contention even in a slow start Saturday afternoon. His pair of singles in the sixth and seventh innings totaled three RBIs on the Tigers’ eight runs to earn a 9-2 win over the Southern Jaguars at Alex Box Stadium.

In the first, Tre’ Morgan fielded a single to center and Dylan Crews hit a single to left field. But Jacob Berry got bogged down in a double play and Cade Doughty’s takedown at shortstop left Morgan stuck in third down.

That was the theme for the next three innings, as the Tigers left five more runners stranded on base. Jaguars right-handed pitcher Anthony Fidanza struck out two, walked one and allowed three hits and no runs in his four innings of work.

“’There’s no flinching, no panic, you could see it coming,’ Johnson said. runs and it was a carryover from that and sometimes it’s just baseball I like to have nine runs on the board with 15 hits and none of them being home runs I think that’s the hallmark of a great batting team.

Right-handed pitcher Ma’khail Hilliard forced three fly outs in the first, then struck out four consecutive batters in the second and third innings. But in his final inning, a costly Tigers error left O’Neill Burgos ahead on a defensive pick when he grounded a fly ball to third base. Jaguars third baseman Hunter Tabb scored Burgos on an RBI triple and Jermaine Spears followed suit with an RBI single to strike first, 2-0.

“He made the only bad pitch (against Tabb), he had the guy chase two breakers, then if he had thrown it again he would have had a strikeout and had no board runs “, Johnson said. . “But he left the ball and this guy is a good hitter, then they hit another one. I was very pleased with his performance off that pitch.

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Hilliard, who had four straight strikeouts in the second and third innings, finished with two hits, two earned runs and two walks in four innings of work. Southpaw Javen Coleman took over in fifth for 1 ⅓ innings, striking out two. Paul Gervase also added two strikeouts in his 1 ⅔ innings of work and Trent Vietmeier finished the effort with a strikeout, a walk and a hit in the final two innings in his first appearance of the season. regular.

LSU scored its first run behind an RBI single from Crews in the fifth inning. Cade Doughty fired a line drive to Tabb on third that appeared to tag Merrifield. Burgos caught Tabb’s relay with his toe in the dirt, but his heel didn’t seem to hit the bag in time.

After further consideration, officials initially declared Doughty eliminated, and the Tigers entered the top of the still down 6th, 2-1.

The call was reminiscent of the previous night, when right fielder Jacob Berry ran home from third base, sliding just past home plate, rising to round home plate away from the catcher. He reached home plate to catch what would have been the seventh inning. But officials ruled the receiver hit him just in time.

“I thought he was safe,” Johnson said Friday night. “I went out to make sure there was no obstruction from home played by the receiver as well, but there wasn’t because he jumped up to get the ball back and that’s a tricky game. I don’t know what they saw until the beacon gets there before.

So it looked like a rematch in the sixth inning when left fielder Gavin Dugas threw up his arms to celebrate second base, raising the crowd’s roar after his two-run double, putting the Tigers ahead of the Jaguars for the first time ever. afternoon, 3-2.

He advanced to third on a pitch by receiver Alex Milazzo before Merrifield tagged him on a sneaky double down the left field line. It was Merrifield’s second brace of the day, the first being a stick-shifter late in the fifth.

Morgan followed that up with a single to record his first RBI, then went third on a wild pitch on Crews’ at-bat. The Jaguars moved on to their third pitcher (Nicholas Wilson) after Jerry Burkett walked Crews, but right fielder Jacob Berry’s sack fly brought Morgan home to extend the lead, 6-2. Morgan’s final single scored two runs in the seventh to extend a 9-2 lead.

“We know our roster is explosive,” Morgan said. “It can happen at any time, the most important thing is to have three quality shots in a row and that’s what we were looking for all the time and we finally got it.”

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