Just in time for the barber’s guest “is an intriguing look at the beauty industry


“The Artistry of Artist, Lorenzo Green: Just in Time for Barber Shop Guest”: a fascinating exploration of the efforts required to be successful in the hair care industry. “The Art of an Artist, Lorenzo Green: Just in Time for the Barber Shop Guest” is the creation of published author Lorenzo Louis Green, a Navy veteran and dedicated stylist with over fifty-three years of experience.

Green shares, “Why did I write this book? The main reason I wrote it is the love I have for the business. This is a case I wake up to while waiting for the alarm to go off. It’s a business I dream of while sleeping. It’s a business I wake up to all night with thoughts and ideas on how to improve it. It’s a job where I imagine styles, cuts and colors. It’s a job that has never been a “job” for me, but rather a joy, a happiness, and the feeling of having made someone happy.

“My book is also about customer service. It’s always about customers – before, during and after service. The perception of the success of such an interaction depends on the employees who can adapt to the personality of the customer. This is why good customer service generally means providing prompt, attentive, and upbeat service to a customer and ensuring that their needs are met in a way that reflects positively on the business or business.

“I started writing this book nineteen years ago, and eight years ago I gave it my caption: ‘Just in time for the guest at the barber shop.’ My book also talks about my son, who has a physical disability, and my two daughters. You need to give more importance to your guests than to anything else. Respond to them quickly and effectively. You need to communicate with guests with empathy and understanding. Always prepare for tomorrow as it arrives. What will you do when he gets here? “

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Lorenzo Louis Green’s new book is an encouraging and open discussion of the ups and downs of professional growth.

Green shares a private look at over fifty years in an industry that has grown into a multi-billion dollar business.

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Consumers can purchase “The Art of an Artist, Lorenzo Green: Just in Time for the Barber Shop Guest” at traditional brick and mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes. store or Barnes and Noble.

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