Impossible Foods adds to c-suite ahead of new rapid expansion


Gayles will oversee human operations, including talent acquisition, compensation and rewards, talent and leadership development, diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as strategic human resources initiatives for supporting the company’s commitment to creating the best work experience for all of its employees, Impossible Foods said.

“It is an organization united around a shared mission and which is not afraid to take big risks in the name of innovation,“Gayles said. “For this reason, I look forward to continuing to innovate in the way our employees work, live and grow in their careers. “

Impossible Foods CFO and Interim CFO David Borecky has been promoted to CFO. Borecky, who initially joined the company as an accounting director, and led the organization’s accounting, tax and finance operations for more than two years, during which time Impossible Foods secured a total of $ 700 million. dollars in new funding.

Prior to joining Impossible Foods, Borecky was a Controller at Stripe and held senior finance and corporate development roles at Square, where he played a key role in the Square IPO.

“Meeting the unprecedented demand for Impossible products while continuing to invest in R&D and technology is what is fueling our long-term growth,”Borecky said. “As CFO, my goal is to create an efficient, data-driven and scalable finance operation that delivers on our mission promise to consumers, investors and the planet. “

Impossible Foods’ business has grown significantly since the start of 2020, including an expansion in Canada, more than 150-fold growth in its business footprint, and the launch of Impossible Sausage Made From Plants in restaurants, including 15,000 locations. Starbucks.

In total, the company has grown Impossible Burger’s production more than 10-fold since the start of 2019, with the intention of bringing plant-based Impossible Chicken Nuggets and other new benchmarks to restaurants and bars. grocery stores this fall.

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