HERMES, the Netflix translation service and its downfall


Netflix introduces HERMES, the first online subtitling and translation testing and indexing system by a leading content creator. Hermes is the 90 Minute Netflix Translator Test. It is used by Netflix’s distribution associates, to qualify freelancers for captioning jobs with the world’s leading Internet entertainment service.

The company can use HERMES not only to monitor translators, but also to associate them with jobs that highlight their strengths. HERMES invites users to help generate captions for Netflix’s content list in over 20 different languages. They will serve as subcontractors through local associated companies and will be paid according to the amount of translation and subtitling.

Netflix is ​​not only the love of its fast growing global fans, but also freelancers looking for work. However, as it expands globally, the need for translators is increasing as it seems to support users in different new regions. Management says it is approaching a limit where English will not be the first viewing experience on Netflix. Netflix has said it is ending its closed captioning and translation testing program and indexing system for further testing.

While HERMES can accomplish what it is supposed to do, getting the job done by more or less experienced freelance translators may not be the best option. Without carefully checking their credentials and experience and without a proven translation process and additional proofreading, get accurate translation services can be a problem.

Nevertheless, we will review the Netflix HERMES test:

The first difficulty is to pass the Netflix entrance test via their dedicated HERMES online door. If you look at online discussion forums, the measure of success is shallow because you need high scores to pass the test, with each language being calculated differently based on the availability of qualified translators.

Here is how the HERMES test works.

Register your details here

It will provide you with your unique number starting with an H plus eight digits. You will get your H number by SMS.

It will send you a unique URL which is the sequence of the Netflix HERMES URL plus your H number. You cannot perform the test on your mobile but only on a computer.

Open the link on your computer and sign in with your mobile number and your H number to use for the Hermes test. There should be five or six quizzes, of which the first four are multiple choice questions and the last two are closed captioning test tasks. You have almost two hours to finish.

Make sure you have good internet access as you will need to run video content.

You will get your result after a week, but depending on the number of candidates taking the test at any given time, you may get your result immediately or after a few weeks.

The test aims to assess your language skills based on the extent to which you can convey expressions from one language to another, remaining as faithful as possible to actual dialogue.

The test consists of thousands of random combinations of questions so that no test is the same. The series includes multiple-choice questions asked at precise speed, intended to test the candidate’s knowledge of understanding English, translating local sentences into their target language, recognizing grammatical and technical errors and providing an accurate translation service.

The backstory

Matt: I am bilingual Korean / English. I figured it would be fun to take the admissions test and see if I could improve myself to continue being part of Netflix’s pool of freelance subtitle translators. I did not understand that such a process has many flaws and aims to separate the majority of candidates. In a nutshell, Netflix was a game of its media coverage success when it announced its translation chance. The system couldn’t keep up with the volume of applications, and people had been waiting for weeks for the results of their admissions tests.

Netflix discovering freelance translators directly may be a clue that intermediary “sellers” are not giving translators fairly to achieve adequate quality. While this will include the general project management work of the Netflix team, they will likely be able to verify the level of quality of the translations they choose.

Benefits and Risks

For a company that needs translation work, such translator testing platform can analyze its search for translators.

In addition, it allows the quality level of translations to be checked, and the lack of a common register for global translators could be paid for. A translator can also be justified on the basis of his translation product. It should be noted that translators do not represent the same level of competence in all styles. You could be good at translating sitcom series, but poor at translating science fiction, for example.

As for the risks of this recruitment program, the prices granted to captioning professionals are constantly revised downwards. Since there is no mutual contract, these professionals could find themselves in an uncertain position. Ultimately, the race for maximum profitability is at the heart of the event. According to professional translators, this could lead to a drop in quality and therefore result in lower quality translations.

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