Festus Ezeli wonders if the Lakers are too tough to play: “Lonzo, Caruso, Ingram, Randle, Hart have all been traded and have all been key players for other franchises.”

The Los Angeles Lakers are well known as a historic franchise with many championships. The pressure to succeed in Los Angeles is very high, with fans often expecting the team to compete at a high level.

Former player Festus Ezeli recently questioned if the Lakers were too tough to play. He pointed to the fact that many of the young players labeled as “trash” on the Lakers have all become “key players for other franchises”, with some even becoming All-Stars and franchise players.

All of the young players who have seemingly been sucked into Los Angeles (Lonzo, Caruso, Ingram, Randle, Hart) have all been traded and all have been key players for other franchises, some franchise stars and players. Is LA just a tough place to play? Is it entertaining? What is that?

Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball and Josh Hart were part of the Anthony Davis trade, a deal that directly led to a championship for the Los Angeles Lakers. There is no doubt that it was a good decision.

That being said, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart are indeed playing much better than they were in Los Angeles for New Orleans, and Josh Hart once even claimed that getting traded to New Orleans was the best thing that happened to Brandon Ingram. Lonzo Ball is also thriving with the Chicago Bulls. Julius Randle has become a Knicks All-Star since leaving the Lakers, and Alex Caruso’s absence has definitely been felt on the Lakers defensive end this season.

It’s easy to see why the Los Angeles Lakers would be a tough team to play. There is a certain expectation for championship success, and the Lakers often sign stars rather than trying to develop talented young players into stars. To be fair, there have also been plenty of players who have had more success in the Los Angeles environment, so it certainly depends on each individual’s unique situation and what they prefer of a gaming environment.

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