Dodgers: Andrew Friedman doesn’t rule out Dave Roberts extension before next season


The Dodgers won 106 games in 2021, which is a better franchise overall in 2019. Plus, it was LA’s third season of over 100 wins in five years. Dave Roberts has been the manager of each of those seasons, recording a 0.622 winning percentage in his six years at the helm of the Dodgers.

In short, Roberts is – in every way good – at his job. However, he is entering the final year of a four-year extension signed after the 2018 season. In his company, they call it a lame duck manager.

At this week’s GM meetings in Carlsbad, Calif., LA president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman discussed, among other things, the status of Dave Roberts. Friedman initially reiterated something he said a few weeks ago at Dodger Stadium.

“He is [Roberts] been a big part of what we accomplished in hindsight, and I expect it to be a big part of what we accomplish going forward.

Then he bought himself some time to deal with more urgent business before focusing on Doc’s contract.

“For us, we have a lot of things in the short term, with people that we are not sure will be here, that we are working on. I’m sure this is something we’ll be having conversations about at some point.

The Dodgers currently have 12 team 2021 players on the open market as free agents. There are clear needs in the starting rotation that must be met – something Friedman has already started with the first free agent signing of the winter on Monday. Beyond starting to pitch, LA must rebuild a bench and decide how far to go in Corey Seager’s draw.

Dave Roberts is still under contract for 2022, so that’s not an immediate concern. Dave wants to stay here and the Dodgers want to keep him. Why rush?

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