Dentsply Sirona announces a complete overhaul of its


  • With a digital foundation, historic product strength and signature workflows backed by continuous training, Dentsply Sirona launches DS Implants, aligning successful brands such as Simplant, OSSIX, Atlantis and MIS.
  • Three fully connected and transparent signature workflows will take full advantage of digital dentistry for excellent results and patient satisfaction.
  • DS Implants presents DS PrimeTaper, a self-tapping implant with a tapered design that can be inserted safely and easily with a unique double thread, allowing for long-term bone stability.

CHARLOTTE, NC, September 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – DENTSPLY SIRONA Inc. (“Dentsply Sirona”) (Nasdaq: XRAY) introduces a complete new milestone in its Implants business, including three signature workflows to provide professionals a new way to practice implantology and crown scan solutions that exceed expectations in terms of efficiency, precision, aesthetics, longevity and simplicity.

  • The Single tooth signature workflow enables clients to do more and better, faster, more simply, freeing up time to see more patients.
  • The Multiple tooth partial replacement signature workflow for more confidence for the clinician and more comfort for the patient.
  • The Full Arch Signature Workflow treats a case of a signature patient with an edentulous jawbone.

With a comprehensive ecosystem of digital products and solutions, Dentsply Sirona streamlines implant treatments for practice growth and consistent patient satisfaction.

Comfort with new products based on well-known procedures

In addition, Dentsply Sirona Implants presents DS PrimeTaper, a self-tapping implant with a tapered design that can be inserted safely and easily with a unique double thread, allowing for long-term bone stability. Dentsply Sirona has worked closely with the global community of implant thought leaders, and they have already started to gain experience with the product. Their reactions were very positive:

Dr Dan Butterman, dentist from Centennial, Colorado (USA), stresses the importance of a seamless workflow. “DS PrimeTaper represents the next step in implant dentistry. The digitally-based workflow results in higher accuracy, process repeatability and time savings. Butterman adds, “My patients have better things to do than spend time in my office. With clearly defined processes and digital solutions, I can deliver safer and faster treatment options that my patients value. This is efficiency!

Seamless concept for transforming digital implant dentistry

“Dentsply Sirona is all about smart concepts that work intuitively and improve treatment predictability,” said Dr. Terri Dolan, Clinical Director of Dentsply Sirona. “Our goal is to empower clinicians, including specialists and general practitioners, to focus on what they do best: creating healthy, beautiful smiles. Our vision for digital implant dentistry will be supported by a global clinical education program focused on end-to-end digital implant workflow solutions to achieve clinical, technical and practical excellence. The comprehensive program is designed to develop the skills of clinicians in digital implantology based on their level of experience and personal learning preferences. These include online education and personalized learning, as well as more than 50 state-of-the-art Dentsply Sirona Academy training centers around the world.

About Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies, with a 134-year history of innovation and service to the dental industry and patients around the world. Dentsply Sirona develops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive portfolio of solutions comprising dental and oral health products as well as other consumable medical devices under a strong portfolio of world-class brands. As The Dental Solutions Company, Dentsply Sirona’s products provide innovative, high-quality and effective solutions to advance patient care and deliver better, safer and faster dentistry. The Company’s common shares are listed in the United States on the Nasdaq under the symbol XRAY. Visit for more information about Dentsply Sirona and its products.

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