Cowboys missed an opportunity when the punt blocking rule hit them hard


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When is blocking a punt a bad thing? When an obscure rule allows the kicking team to keep the ball.

The Cowboys, of course, were involved in one of the most infamous games in NFL history on a snowy Thanksgiving Day in 1993. Leon Lett attempted to retrieve a stuck basket within seconds. ‘elapsed, giving the Dolphins another opportunity to start the game. winner after recovering the touched ball.

Cowboys wide receiver Malik Turner blocked Broncos kicker Sam Martin’s kick on Sunday after Denver had three goals in his first possession of the second half. It briefly seemed like a boost, giving the Cowboys little ground after falling 16-0 at halftime.

“I have about 200 punt blocks on tape in the last 10 years, and this is only the third time I’ve seen it,” Cowboys special teams coach John Fassel said via David Helman from the team’s website.

“It” was rookie cornerback Nahshon Wright touching the ball past the line of scrimmage as he tried to catch the blocked kick. Denver linebacker Jonas Griffith recovered the ball.

Instead of the Cowboys having the ball in Denver 19, the Broncos kept the ball. The Broncos were left with a field goal, deflating the Cowboys’ hopes of a comeback.

Wright’s touch, because it passed the line of scrimmage, was one sleeve per rule. Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones called it a “hard rule.”

“You would like to see the rules change,” said coach Mike McCarthy. “But what are you going to do?” “

Fassel didn’t blame Wright for trying to catch the blocked kick. It was just the wrong place, the wrong time and that kind of day for the Cowboys.

“The ball was stuck directly on him so of course he would try to handle it,” said Fassel. “I said a million times out of a million, if the ball was stuck directly on me, so would I. Because you’re really losing a sense of exactly where the line of scrimmage was.”

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