Browns reinforcements arrive just in time to take on the Ravens

The Browns will get some much-needed help for Sunday’s game.

The mere fact that the Browns are playing without some of their best players has been lost in the Baker Mayfield debate. While we can debate the extent of Mayfield’s injuries affecting the franchise player, or the actual quality of the entire receiving body after the year-long disaster they experienced; the fact remains that the Browns have talent on offense.

We just forget it because the running game is mainly carried by Nick Chubb at the moment and the tackles on the offensive line have, for lack of a better term, been zero.

Fortunately, on Sunday, Kareem Hunt and Jack Conklin will be back on the field for the Browns, barring a setback or worsening those injuries or another. Blake Hance proved to be a worthy goalie for the Browns, but as a tackle he lacked the speed to get to his spots. Ernest Johnson also proved viable at times, but he lacked the pop needed to truly replace Chubb. While Hunt also isn’t at Chubb’s level (who is?), Hunt at least has the game-tested skills the team needs.

The Browns may still be without some key players against the Ravens.

Hunt and Conklin are back, but one name has certainly come out and it’s quick rookie Anthony Schwartz. Auburn’s rookie has been anything but productive. Schwartz hasn’t had a really important game all year and his issues with road racing have been the subject of much discussion. His best game came in Week 1 when Mayfield was in good health. Since then he has made the odd game or two but nothing to write home about.

Cleveland could also be without wide receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones and cornerback Troy Hill. While Schwartz has been ruled out, Peoples-Jones and Hill remain questionable for the game. While the Browns defense may need Hill, the Browns offense certainly needs Peoples-Jones.

Cleveland’s cornerback crop has been as advertised for the most part this year, but the Cleveland passing offense needs all the help it can get, especially with Mayfield looking like a crash test dummy with just how he is bandaged.

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