Aviator returns to Phoenix after deployment just before baby is born

A man is back home in Phoenix after a deployment in the Middle East, just in time to celebrate the New Year and, more importantly, a new baby.

After three days of travel, the aviator is finally back on American soil in time to welcome him and his wife’s first child. She is nine months pregnant and is about to give birth overnight to their son.

She and their loved ones greeted him at Sky Harbor International Airport on the night of December 29.

For the past six months, he has been stationed overseas in Qatar – marking his second deployment since joining the US Air Force.

“I am so very grateful to have the opportunity to be here with my family. A great Christmas present and I love serving my country, but it is fantastic to be with family,” said the aviator. .

The two are in love with high school and have been married for three years. The aviator says he missed all of his family, especially his wife’s home cooking.

The aviator will be able to stay at home for a few months after the birth of their son.

He and his wife have requested that their names be kept private in this story.

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