5 horror movies that should have spawned franchises (but never did)

Halloween, Scream, Alien, Conjuration – blockbuster horror movies are prone and even known to spawn franchises. While some tend to go on for far too long, exhausting the subject matter and stretching the narrative, other notable stand-alone films, while perfectly prepared for a sequel or spin-off, never get the chance to expand their story. and reach their full potential. .

Whether it’s popular slashers, supernatural movies, or monster movies, franchises are common in the horror genre, with studios taking full advantage of the success of the original episode. However, at times their logic for choosing which movie to pursue can be elusive, and some blockbuster movies end up becoming stand-alone masterpieces, even if they end on a promising cliffhanger or feature exciting characters that fans love. wish to see more. Here are the top 5 horror movies that never had a franchise but definitely should have.


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Drag me to the graveyard of hell

Considered one of Sam Raimi’s best films, Drag me to hell follows the story of a loan officer, Christine (Alison Lohman), who turns an old woman down for a loan and is cursed, faced with the joyous prospect of being sent to hell in three days. Unlike the typical horror happy ending where the protagonist uncovers the truth behind the mystery and manages to escape grim fate at the very last moment, Drag me to hell brutally does the opposite – it actually drags the character to hell, as promised.

The end certainly leaves room for what follows. Christine’s partner, Clay (Justin Long), is always very present, and her attempt to save her from eternal damnation, while also trying to break the curse she inadvertently passed on to him, can easily make up Part 2. So, fans are somewhat puzzled by the lack of a full-fledged sequel or franchise, such as evil Dead. Surprisingly, Raimi is the one against the idea. The director believes the film had a perfect ending and any sequel would spoil the shocking effect he hoped for. But maybe it’s just the question of the right script in his hands.

Amelia and Sam in the Babadook

This excellent Australian psychological horror and critically acclaimed directorial debut Jennifer Kent follows the story of Amelia Vakan (Essie Davis), an emotionally and physically exhausted widowed mother of a tough six-year-old Sam, who becomes haunted by a malevolent spirit of the Babadook. Breaking the stereotype of a final girl, Amelia realizes that certain monsters – much like depression or addiction that are often referred to as the film’s allegories – cannot be defeated but rather accepted and integrated. The movie ends with Amelia locking up the Babadook in the basement and feeding it worms, leaving plenty of room for a sequel.

Unfortunately, like Raimi, Kent thinks that The Babadook the story is complete and perfect as it is. However, suppose the franchise explores other related but not directly connected scenarios that follow the same concept (similar to Unbreakable trilogy) or even launch a prequel, showing the origins of the monster. In this case, the original story can remain intact while still giving fans more to explore.

Tucker and Dale versus.  Wrong

A clever parody of “the horror of the mountaineer” as The hills Have Eyes and the classic Issuance, Tucker and Dale versus. Wrong follows a group of middle school kids who set up camp in the woods and meet two socially awkward country boys whom they, fueled by prejudice and stereotypes, perceive as brutal perverts. But this is where the film turns the cliché on its head. Instead of being violent and dangerous, Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine) are really what they appear to be: a pair of well-meaning, harmless people who are just trying to live quiet lives and work in their own homes. mountain house. Confusion and assumptions lead to ridiculous times and increasing death toll.

Tucker and Dale versus. Wrong was not a box office success, but it did gain a loyal following and somewhat cult status thanks to its release on Blu-ray and Netflix. Fans have been looking for a sequel and a potential franchise for a long time, and Part 2 is reportedly even in the works in 2014. Unfortunately, as was later revealed, the proposed storyline just didn’t measure up, and the director and the actors didn’t want to follow the success of the original film with anything less than incredible. Still, the film crew would be open to continuing the hilarious story if a suitable storyline and concept emerges.


It’s honestly astonishing that this remarkable horror comedy anthology, created and directed by Michael Dougherty, has never spawned a worthy franchise. Trick or treats follows four intertwined Halloween stories, united by the character of Sam – a pumpkin-headed sleight of hand that would severely punish anyone who disrespects holiday traditions or breaks unspoken rules like putting out a Jack-o-Lantern before midnight.

The film has undeniable franchise potential, and in 2013 Dougherty and Legendary Pictures announced that Trick’r Treat 2 was officially in the works, much to the fans’ delight. Unfortunately, other projects like Godzilla: King of the Monsters got in the way, and the film got stuck in development hell. On the bright side, the studio is continuing the film’s legacy with merchandise and a long line of comics, and director Dougherty is open to the franchise possibility, pending the right timing and the right storyline.

The cabin in the woods 2011

This irreverent horror comedy by Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon brings together several genre tropes and turns them upside down. The seemingly all-too-familiar story centers on a group of friends made up of painfully archetypal characters, who travel to a secluded cabin, where they cast a curse and must fight for their lives. The intentionally clichéd plot sets the stage perfectly for a mind-boggling twist that features people “behind the scenes,” manipulating events to please the Old Ones (who many believe to be an allusion to fans of the horror genre in general).

This fresh, self-aware masterpiece that almost breaks the fourth wall and is packed with references to just about every haunted house, serial killer, zombie, and monster horror movie that has won huge amounts of money. success, and fans hoped for a sequel for years. While Whedon and Goddard have reportedly been brainstorming some crazy ideas for the movie’s continuation, nothing has been set in motion yet. Here’s hoping.

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