10 Video Game Franchises With Villains That Would Make A Cool “Suicide Squad”


With the release of the last Suicide Squad movie, villains are in the limelight again, and the old saying of Zangief – by way of The Wreck Ralph— who says “Just because you’re a bad guy doesn’t mean you are Bad boyrings true. Many game franchises have villains who would feel right at home on the team, whether because of their antihero personalities or their intense powers.

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While these groups don’t work well together, their abilities need to complement each other in order to create a great and well-rounded team. Muscle, intelligence, agility, terrifying transformations into incredible third stage bosses. They all count for acceptance into the team.

ten Final Fantasy might be too serious, but the powers would be awesome

Final Fantasy Sephiroth Ardyn And Kefka

For a more dramatic style, look no further than the Final fantasy series. Putting Kefka, Yevon, and Ulimecia in the same room as Sephiroth looks like a beautiful disaster waiting to happen. With egos matched only by their powers, these villains would create a force it would take hundreds of alien starfish to defeat.

The amount of internal fights over who is the most powerful god with the most powerful plan to pulverize the planet could quickly become stale, but the boss fights between them would be awesome and frightening.

9 Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corp-funded villain team would be unstoppable

Umbrella Corp has the funds to produce its own Suicide Squad. And with the sheer amount of human testing they’ve done, turning people into walking monstrosities and destroying entire cities in their wake, it’s clear they don’t have the moral code to stop themselves from doing it. a.

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Led by Wesker, with Mr. X as their fist and Birkin as their mastermind, this team would create a horrific team who, given the right target, could destroy anything in their path with impunity.

8 If the villains from all realms of Mortal Kombat actually worked together, they could be a real threat

Sheeva, Rain, Ermac and Motaro in Mortal Kombat Annihilation

The 2011 restart enabled Mortal combats the biggest villains to come together to take on the heroes of the franchise. In both games since, there have been countless alliances, betrayals, and reforms of those same alliances. When they can stop their infighting, these violent fighters often create a force to be reckoned with and regularly push the heroes of the franchise to their breaking point.

A suicide squad of the various brutal fighters from Outworld, Earthrealm, and the Netherrealm would also bring a ton of gore to the big screen, as they perform kills against their unlucky common foe.

7 Psycho Mantis could create some interesting mechanics for audiences and would be a great leader for a team of villains throughout Metal Gear history.

MGS 1 Psycho Mantis Boss Fight Cinematic

Metal gear the games are both too serious and wacky. With an eclectic group of villains such as Skull Face and, protagonist’s clone, Liquid Snake topping the list, there will be plenty of weird stares from those they end up needing to save.

An exciting proposition for this new franchise would be the return of Psycho Mantis, who could potentially pull 4th Wall breaking tricks on the audience, just like he did with players when they fought him in. Solid metal gear.

6 Kingdom Hearts empowers a team that can draw inspiration from the best villains from Final Fantasy, Disney and beyond

This one can cheat, as the series not only includes the iconic Disney and Final fantasy antagonists but also original villains, but Kingdom hearts has the makings of a great team for this exact reason. Anyone who doesn’t want to see Sepiroth, Xehanort, and Bluto on the same team is lying to themselves.

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And forget about trying to guess which Xehanort it is. There would be twists and turns throughout the film, revealing the true nature of the character, with wigs to fool any fans of the franchise.

5 A family team from the Sonic universe could bring more fun and less gore

Sonic chaos emeralds robotnik eggman

On a lighter note, the cast of villains from the Sonic The series would make a fun, family-friendly version of the idea, while also bringing some attitude to the screen. Robotnik’s weird and wacky inventions paired with Shadow’s angst and Metal Sonic’s cool factor, the team would create some weird and engaging moments.

If he’s directed by Jim Carrey’s Robotnik and potentially tells the story of Idris Elba’s Knuckles redemption arc, there might be some hilarious parallels to the film that inspires him with a few self-referential jokes.

4 With all the Ganons available, a Zelda-based team would be a one-man (or pig) army.

If Link is the hero of the time and is seen as a new iteration with each entry, then so is Ganon, canonically. This means that a The Legend of Zelda the team of villains could potentially consist of at least 11 of the same character arguing over who the real Ganon is. Plus, some of them will be wild boar-like creatures, much like King Shark.

The best part is that there are different naming conventions for the name, so potentially there would be a scene where all of the Ganons would argue over whether it’s Ganon or Gannon. While the variety of motivations will need to be worked out, the powers that each Ganon brings will complement each other to make a well-rounded team.

3 If the Olympian gods and Norse myths teamed up, the show of power would be mind-blowing for a team of God Of War villains

Again, this one is probably cheating, considering the villainy line-up in God of the war consists of the Greek and, more recently, the Nordic pantheons. Yet even referring only to the myths these beings are based on, there is a lot of personality and wickedness among them to create a compelling tale.

In addition to the stories already told, this would be the crossover event of two millennia in the making. Baldur’s lightning attacks imbued with Zeus powers might finally be what it takes to bring down Kratos.

2 For a gruesome approach, collect the toughest bosses in video games with the Dark Souls series

A team of some of the most notable Dark souls the bosses would be accompanied by cries of joy and sheer terror from fans around the world. Create a team with abilities and stories that thrill the backs of even the most seasoned undead.

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Artorias teaming up with Ornstein and Smough alongside the Lord of Cinder to bring down a common foe such as the Nameless King seems scary to anyone who fought them individually. Those same bosses ripping through the hordes of enemies blocking the path of players would be worth the terror, however.

1 Borderlands humor almost matches that of the Suicide Squad movie

handsome jack borderlands 2

When the team is on their way to doom, a sort of gallows humor develops and is almost necessary to get through these final moments. Borders has that in spades. Brutality is a way of life on Pandora where death is around every corner and trust is a scarce commodity.

These factors are further compounded by the villains of the series who regularly betray both the Vault Hunters and their own partners. Pairing up Handsome Jack with Troy and Tyreen would also lend itself to some hilarious and disconnected conversations within the group.

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