10 Oldest Game Franchises That Maintained A Consistent Canon


A video game can be an exceptionally powerful tool for telling stories. The longer the story, the more the writer telling it may have to segment it into parts. Some of the oldest gaming franchises are the result of a single continuing storyline that has yet to reach its proper conclusion.

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Sometimes sequels were planned from the get-go, and other times they’re unplanned additions. The game director may even deliberately leave certain pieces in place for possible unforeseen consequences. Many games are part of a single continuous cannon, which can of course be confusing.

ten Half-Life’s story has spanned over 20 years

Half life 2 image for the longest canon article of the game

The canon of Half-life The series is notorious among gamers for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is the show’s tendency to end an entry on a cliffhanger. This series includes three main games and six side entries. Many fans believed that a follow-up to Half-Life 2: Episode 2the end would never come, but the exit from Half-life: Alyx silenced this doubt. Discussions about the existence of a third entry have grown stronger, and many players are eager to return to the series from the perspective of the series’ main character, Gordon Freeman.

9 The story of Final Fantasy VII is still ongoing

FFVII Remake image for an article on the game series with the longest canon

Not to be confused with the rest of the Final fantasy series, the screenplay of the 1997 classic Final Fantasy VII has a continuity that he followed throughout each main entrance. This sub-series has eight main entries in total, one of which is a feature film sequel called Advent children. For a while, the film served as an apparent ending to the series’ storyline, with the only games coming after being the spin-off. Cerberus’ funeral song and the prequel Crisis core.

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The remake surprised fans by hinting that it was more of a pseudo-sequel than a straightforward blow-by-blow remake of the original. For now, fans will have to settle for the Playstation 5 remake upgrade if they want to see more of this world content.

8 Ace Attorney cannon has captivated fans since 2001

Image by Phoenix wright for an article on games with the longest barrel

The As Lawyer the series has followed a single continuity from the start, although it has had a few non-canon entries. The main entries in this series often follow defense attorney Phoenix Wright as he tries to prove the innocence of people wrongly accused of various crimes. The series has evolved to include other defense attorney characters like Athena Cykes and Apollo Justice. There are six main inputs to this series in total and six secondary inputs including a crossover with Professor Layton. There’s even an anime adaptation of the main series.

7 Every entry in Resident Evil added more to the story

Resident Evil image for an article on games with long guns

Since 1996, resident Evil has been a franchise steeped in mysteries that fans wanted answers to. Each entry in the series has revealed more secrets of the mysterious Umbrella Corporation. The resident Evil The series has twenty-eight entries in total, three of which are remakes of earlier games. Each entry explored a different side of this universe and the different biological weapons made by Umbrella Corporation.

This series has seen multiple genre shifts, moving from standard survival horror to action and back again. But even with these changes, the show’s continued storyline has fans coming back for more.

6 The 20-year-old Shenmue story has yet to come to a conclusion

Shenmue image for games with long-lasting cannons

The story of Shenmue is one whose conclusion fans have been eagerly awaiting for years. The recent third entry in the series didn’t end it, but rather left fans begging for more. The premise of this franchise places the player in command of Ryo Hazuki in his quest to avenge his late father at the hands of the powerful Lan Di.

This series has yet to reach a proper conclusion after nearly two decades of hiatus between second and third entries, with many fans left hanging after game three ended. The recently announced anime adaptation has given fans hope for a continuation of the story.

5 Samus’ battles in the Metroid games are still far from over

Image Metroid Dread for games with long-lasting guns

The story of Metroid The series is perhaps one of the oldest to date, starting with its original entry in 1986. The player controls bounty hunter Samus Aran as she battles the trying space pirates to ‘harness the power of the titular Metroid creatures of the game. Terror of the metroids delved into the lore behind his enigmatic Chozo race and history with the Metroid even further.

While most players return to this series often for the gameplay, many also return to witness more of the continuing story of Samus, the Chozo race, and the Metroids. There have been thirteen entries in this series in total, including a remake of the original game, Zero mission, and Metroide II, Samus returns.

4 Legend of Zelda has had a cannon since 1986

Wind Waker image for an article on games with long range cannons

Entries in this series are often viewed as their own separate stories. However, there is a heavily speculated Zelda timeline. Although this whole series stems from the first The Legend of Zelda game released in 1986, chronologically, many fans point out Skyward sword as the real starting entry in the timeline.

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Some games have direct sequels and even prequels, like Majora’s Mask being a sequel to Ocarina of time, and Breath of the wild have its own sequel to come. The timeline of The The Legend of Zelda is something that makes fans clamor for more content to back up their theories.

3 Mega Man is still fighting for eternal peace

Mega Man image for games with long-lasting cannons

Covering thirty-two titles, the original Mega man the series has kept its continuity surprisingly well. A number of these games are spinoffs or remakes, but the top eleven titles all follow the title Mega Man (Rockman in Japan) as it thwarts evil Dr. Wily’s plans for world domination.

This series even has direct links to one of its spinoff series, Mega man x, which follows a future inhabited mostly by advanced robots that likely evolved from their original predecessors Mega man Games. Despite a long break, the release of Mega man 11 rekindled fan interest in the series as a whole. The storyline following Mega Man and Dr. Wily’s long history as rivals will likely continue.

2 Kingdom Hearts canon goes way beyond Sora’s adventures

Kingdom Hearts 3 image for games with long-lasting cannons

This Disney and Final fantasy the crossover series has followed a major continuity for each release. Most of these games center around Sora as he ventures through various Disney and original worlds. The canon of Kingdom Hearts actually dates back hundreds of years before the events of the first game, to the ancient Keyblade Wars. The game Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X and the short film Kingdom Hearts X: Back Cover review many of these events that have implications for the future of the series.

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With the exception of the distant past, the events around the Numbered Titles are largely covered by other major series entries that delve into things like Roxas’ story and the examination of Sora and Riku’s mark of mastery. These entries contribute to the construction of a larger picture of the universe of this series.

1 The world of Metal Gear doesn’t end with Solid Snake

Metal Gear image for games with long-lasting guns

While most fans of the Metal gear the series are familiar with the PS1 game, Solid metal gear, this series is much older than that. The first entry in this series was created in 1987 for the MSX2 computer. This series is made up of ten canon entries that tackle heavy concepts and political ideologies that got fans talking about the series.

The canon in this series can be grounded in reality with realistic events or go as far as having cyborgs fighting giant robots and even breaking the fourth wall. Despite this tonal boost, fans don’t seem to get enough and will keep coming back for more.

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