10 Franchises That Need A Video Game Adaptation

Adjustments are tricky. What works in one medium doesn’t necessarily work in another. Fans often complain when a big-budget studio movie centered around their favorite comic book hero takes a few creative liberties, but such changes are often necessary given the different rules and constraints with the film medium. While quality movies based on games are almost unheard of, there have been several great games based on books, TV shows, comics, and even movies.

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However, such terrible links as properties such as the city ​​of lost children and Home improvement have demonstrated, not all stories can make the transition to play. The following series may come from different mediums, but they are ripe for interactive adaptation.

ten Doctor Who has yet to get a game that does the show justice

While the series has seen a slew of tie-ins to trash games, Doctor Who is long overdue for a quality game that really leverages its time and space travel premise.

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Previous efforts such as Mines of Terror and Dalek Attack were lousy platformers that made the Doctor run and jump like he was Mario. Even more modern entries like the VR title The edge of time really fail to do the Show justice. It’s a shame considering there have been some decent to good game adaptations made of the sci-fi show across the pond – star trek.

9 Phillip Marlowe and his stories influenced an entire genre

The great short sleep

The dark genre wouldn’t exist the way it does without the tough stories of Raymond Chandler. Its colorful similes, morally gray characters, and intricate mysteries have provided the blueprint for a genre that has been emulated, lovingly homaged, and even parodied over the years. One of his most famous creations is the character of Philip Marlowe, who starred in several stories such as The big sleep and The long goodbye.

Although there have been several film, radio, and television adaptations of these stories, they have gone virtually unexplored in gaming. This is particularly glaring because there are many great Chandler-style detective games, such as the tex murphy series and Rockstar The black.

8 A Big Trouble in Little China Should Escape Horrible Games Hell

Big problem in little China

John Carpenter’s cult classic Big problem in little China is a cheerful send-off of martial arts, fantasy, and western tropes centered around a lovable goofball named Jack Burton. In any other movie, he’d be John Wayne’s hero single-handedly saving the day, but in the hidden underworld of Chinatown filled with dark sorcery, he’s completely out of his depth.

Although no cinematic sequel was made, the film had a comic book series and even a board game. In the world of video games, the film only saw a beat ’em up for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad and C64.

7 Invincible would be Robert Kirkman’s second creation to have a quality game

The Invincible the Amazon Prime comics and show have won acclaim for their strong characters and dark storylines. Since one of Robert Kirkman’s other creations, The Walking Deadwas graced with a series of phenomenal game adaptations from developer Telltale Games, it would seem fitting that its loving deconstruction of the superhero genre make the leap to the interactive medium.

There are so many different approaches that could be done, like a sandbox title in the same vein as Spider Man Where Infamous or maybe a one-on-one fighting game that makes the most of its diverse cast like Capcom’s wonder titles or Injustice series.

6 The Venture Bros takes the pulse of pop culture

Venture Bros Season 7 Full Cast Venture Headquarters

With a huge cast of oddballs and a world of super-science juxtaposed with absurd humor, The Venture Brothers would make a great video game. Given the cult status of the series and its many pop-culture references and homages to video games, the absence of an official interactive adventure with the eponymous family is a shame.

While there hasn’t been an entire game centered around the series, certain characters and iconography have found their way into titles such as Valve’s Team Fortress 2 and Telltale Poker Night at the Inventory. Clearly, Doc Hammer and Christopher McCulloch have their finger on the pulse of the medium.

5 Black Panther has yet to be the focus of its own game

T'Challa challenges Killmonger Black Panther

While several Marvel heroes have been the focus of their own game, such as Spider Man and The Incredible Hulk, the king of Wakanda has yet to be honored with his own interactive adventure. With a highly technologically advanced civilization, there is plenty of material to work with.

Being able to control T’Challa and don the Black Panther vibranium suit would be nothing short of amazing. The character found huge success in the movie world with his big-budget Ryan Coogler solo film, so it should be a question of when and not if gamers will be able to get their hands on a game adaptation.

4 Yojimbo or the Dollars Trilogy Would Make Great Games

A Fistful of Dollars and Yojimbo

by Akira Kurosawa Yojimbo is a cinematic masterpiece with an influence that cannot be denied. This helped create the famous archetype of the lone wanderer who gets caught up in situations that can only be resolved by using their gifts for violence. One of the most famous modernizations of this character was that of Sergio Leone dollars trilogy centered on the Man with no name by Clint Eastwood.

These films helped popularize the spaghetti western genre and introduced Yojimbo to a new generation. All of these films feature gripping stories and a lot of gameplay potential that could be centered around combat and exploration.

3 Horatio Hornblower’s Novels Have Influenced Many Franchises

Cropped Horatio Hornblower

With a compelling backdrop such as the Napoleonic Wars and several swashbuckling stories to work with, the fact that there was no direct in-game adaptation of the Horatio Hornblower series of books is particularly puzzling.

The influence of CS Forester stories has been seen in countless franchises such as Gene Roddenberry’s star trekwhich critics have described as “Horatio Hornblower in space.” An open-world sandbox title where players control and manage HMS Sutherland would be great, especially since titles such as Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and sea ​​of ​​thieves demonstrated the pleasure that can be had on the high seas.

2 Gamers would love to explore Neil Gaimen’s Sandman

by Niel Gaiman Sand seller The comic book series introduces readers to a world populated by fascinating personifications of transcendental sensations. Allowing players to control one of them or even create their own custom character to interact with this world opens up multiple gameplay possibilities.

While Gaiman’s children’s horror novel Coraline saw a video game tie-in released to coincide with the stop motion film, and he contributed writing to the game wayward mansion, his work has been surprisingly underutilized in the video game world. Another Vertigo series, Fableshas been adapted into a brilliant Telltale graphic adventure in the form of The wolf among us.

1 Red Rising only made the transition to comics

Red Rising Cropped

the red climb series of books can be described as a kind of mixture of battle royale and A song of ice and fire. Centered around a young worker named Red, the series is pure dystopian sci-fi social satire that seeks to shed light on structural inequalities and the systems that enable them.

While several proposals for film and television adaptations have been proposed and dropped, the franchise has managed to secure a series of prequel comics. At the moment, only one Stonemaier board game is currently in development.

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