10 Franchises That Deserve The LEGO Video Game Treatment

LEGO has always been associated with one of the most successful brands of children’s toys in history, but it took on a whole new form when applied to video games. Many licensed pop culture franchises have already received the LEGO treatment, creating some of the most charming and beloved video games of the era. The popularity of games shows no signs of stopping, with LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga should be released this year.

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There are so many more untapped franchises that could adapt the LEGO formula while expanding on the already established game mechanics. From adult fantasy series to pop culture icons who have spent decades at the forefront of fandom, there’s plenty of material to draw upon.


james bond

Daniel Craig Relaunched The 007 Franchise As A Lesser-Known James Bond Actor

the james bond The franchise has had several iterations over the years, so there’s plenty of material to pull from. The thrilling storylines include plenty of wacky elements that practically border on science fiction, making it great escape entertainment value.

A james bond The LEGO game could try its hand at the multiverse by focusing on a story that includes all the different versions of 007 over the years. James Bond’s best villains could be exploited alongside their respective henchmen, not to mention a host of iconic scenes that could be parodied in LEGO format.

game of thrones

Game of thrones jon snow daenerys bran

While the concept of bringing a show with such adult themes into the LEGO sphere is a bit dubious, the end product would be quite interesting. There’s enough content to flesh out a LEGO-based game US game, but the key would be to turn all of the show’s darker, more taboo elements into something family-friendly.

And therein lies the opportunity to do something really creative and fun with the property. Despite the franchise’s darker themes, many young people know what game of thrones is all about, and LEGO video games have always turned some of the most adult-oriented content into pretty parody.

the witcher

The Witcher 3 running on the Steam Bridge

the witcher already has roots in video games, having been adapted from the original novels, but a LEGO treatment could also work. A big draw for the game would be the opportunity for Geralt to battle with various monsters built entirely from LEGO blocks, some of which Witcher monsters that didn’t appear in the Netflix show.

This would allow players to experience a very different approach to traditional Witcher formula, turning the most terrifying elements of the franchise into something cute and innocent. There are enough characters in the franchise to allow for concurrent co-op play as well.


Triton attacked by a xenomorph in Aliens

the aliens The franchise has been ported to just about everything at this point, so a LEGO adaptation seems like a guaranteed hit. Again, the approach would be to take the franchise’s horror elements and twist them into something more family-friendly and fun.

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LEGO xenomorphs and heroic characters seem like a match made in heaven, and there’s plenty of opportunity to replay key scenes from the original quadrilogy and turn them into something hilarious. Seeing how the developers handled the chest-bursting scene from the first film would be worth the purchase price alone.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who out of time David Tennant Tom Baker

Why hasn’t there already been Doctor Who The LEGO game is a guess, but it seems like a prime candidate. The franchise has many antagonists to draw from, including many monsters Doctor Who fans sometimes forget and seeing them get the LEGO treatment would really be something special.

Doctor Who has decades of content to draw on, and it would be hard to choose which era to focus on. Maybe a game with an original story that uses every Doctor would be the way to go, keeping the story fresh and fun. The Doctor’s companions might even be selectable for cooperative play.

The matrix

Neo blocks bullets in The Matrix Reloaded

The matrix is a fairly large property with a lot of status behind it, even though the last film met with critical and commercial failure. Seeing the original trilogy get the LEGO video game formula would be absolutely fantastic, and something Matrix fans will no doubt appreciate it.

There are so many iconic key scenes from the first three movies that could be parodied to great effect via LEGO. Additionally, the game could bounce between the real world and the digital Matrix world, with different goals to achieve.

Spider Man

Marvel's Spider-Man No Way Home Ending Suit Mod

Spider-Man has proven himself to be one of the most salable comic book superheroes in history, and everything he touches seems to turn into mountains of cash. The huge success of Spider-Man: No Coming Home opened the doors to a LEGO-based adaptation, and developers should take advantage of that immediately.

The franchise has a ton of villains and story material to pull from, and other superheroes could be selected for cooperative play with friends. If done right, it could mix in the best elements of 1990s co-op Spider Man games like maximum carnage, with the LEGO formula that has worked so well in the past.

star trek

An alternate future Enterprise crew in Star Trek: The Next Generation

star wars has already received the LEGO treatment, which means star trek is the next logical step. It’s a vast property with so much cannon and gear to draw from, not to mention a host of alien races and strange new worlds to explore. A LEGO-based star trek The game also offers the opportunity to do something different.

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If the developers wanted, they could expand the scope of the game to include more open-world style elements. Players could team up via co-op to explore strange new worlds never encountered before while dealing with established antagonists like LEGO’d Borg, Romulans, and Klingons.

The Terminator

Terminator robot forms red eyes

A LEGO terminator The game could and should be set in the war-torn future depicted at the start of the first two films. However, it could also weave a story that begins in the past, before moving to Judgment Day. The difficulty would be to parody a nuclear holocaust and the ensuing dystopian future.

It’s not impossible, as evidenced by games like Fall, which brought a lot of satire to the wasteland theme of the game. Also, it would be fun to face off against T-800s, HKs and other deadly enemies terminator killing machines that SkyNET has developed throughout the franchise timeline.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

the Ninja Turtles The franchise branched out into video games years ago, starting with the iconic and legendary 1990s 4-player arcade game from Konami. Since then, the fabulous four have been ported to numerous consoles, while enjoying mainstream success in TV shows and Hollywood productions.

With Dotemu ready to release a new 4 player TMNT game, hopefully in 2022 the demand has not decreased. A LEGO version of TMNT would probably be best if it adapted the 1980s cartoon series so many people grew up with, although that’s not a strict requirement.

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